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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Today the violent extreme Marxist UAF  are spreading scurrilous leaflets through the letterboxes of Horwich voters. In these latest lies from this violent group who think that attacking ordinary members of the public celebrating St Georges Day. Are that patriots are Nazi,s instead of decent working people concerning at the ever increasing tide of immigration and spurious asylum cases.
I need say no more than this group funded by the Trade Unions and supported by the Labour Party are the most dangerous and violent element in British Politics today, Just look at the arrests of there members for violent conduct when the EDL just held a patriotic rally in Bolton, to voice concern over the epidemic of Muslim grooming of young British White Girls. 55 of there members were arrested for violent misconduct and they have the cheek to claim that BNP candidates are violent and say women like rape. THESE PEOPLE FROM THE UAF (UNITE AGAINST FASCISM) ARE DANGEROUS!!!! If still not convince just watch this supporting evidence !