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Friday, 20 April 2012

Christian Nationalism is more tolerant than Left-Liberalism

Christian Nationalism is more tolerant than Left-Liberalism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Heydon   
April 2012
knighttemplarshield 120 x 120The emphasis in the current era amongst the political / chattering classes is on ‘Equality’.  Equality of esteem is necessary for an ‘individualistic’ society and the ‘celebration of diversity’.  Equality-linked individualism can be summed up in the words; ‘do your own thing and don’t be judgemental’.  Of course, this ideal is completely impractical in the real world.  A society cannot survive without shared standards of morality and ways of life.  Without these it ceases to be a society in all but name.  Furthermore, people have a natural tendency to wish to associate with others who share these things; who are like themselves in this and in other ways.
‘Individualists’ are Conformists
Even those who pride themselves on their individualism tend to be individualistic in the same way.  They wear the same kinds of clothes, listen to the same kinds of music, watch the same TV shows, read the same kinds of magazines and books, have the same kinds of attitudes to  culture, even live in the same kind of areas along with others of the same ilk (Notting Hill, for example, or Hampstead, Islington and Camden); and so on.  All this is so obvious that it should be scarcely worth saying.  But apparently it needs to be said.  For those in power want us to be similar only in our individualism - a piece of sophistry which will escape most people.
Equality of Esteem must be enforced
In order to bring about this impossible dream of an extreme individualistic ’society’ (a contradiction in terms), our left-liberal masters have tried to enforce strict equality of esteem on all and everything.  For this to succeed, they have to ensure that there is a general realisation of actual equality.  Thus what is stressed in the cultures are not their differences in achievements in human flourishing but their supposed equal ‘value’ to those within them.  The religions are all equal in their falsity; there being no spiritual dimension to life.  And so on.  But most important of all; perceived differences in the races are illusory; they are ‘social constructs’.
Indifference, not Tolerance
This attitude is called being tolerant.  In fact it is merely the intolerant requirement on the part of an ideology of nothingness to numb the critical sense and to abandon the search for objective truth.  If this scheme works at all it is because it succeeds in bringing about attitudes of indifference, not tolerance.
Indifference because it is argued, nothing is thought ultimately to be very important, since there is no truth except what one makes for one’s self.  But if ever there was a recipe for the debasement of civilised living, the pursuit at best of mediocrity and the destruction of community, it is the attitude that nothing, other than perhaps immediate personal relations and consumerism (getting status or power, food, goods and sex) is important.  These are the attitudes of the traditional slum.
The Realisation of actual Inequality is Death to Left-Liberalism
As well as being an end in itself for leftists, the enforcement of equality of esteem is key to the project of extreme liberal individualism.  That is why left-liberals are so terrified of any suggestion that religions, sexualities and so on, but especially races, might objectively be less than equal when measured against others and standards of what it takes to be successful in the context of advanced societies.
That is why they denigrate research into race differences in areas like IQ and vilify and marginalise or expel from their posts those academics who dare to engage in such research.  That is why they adopt fawning attitudes to barbaric cultural and religious attitudes, for example closing their eyes to or denying the real nature of islam.  The idea of ‘Equality’ cannot survive without repression.  This is the great contradiction of extreme individualism.  Unfortunately for the liberal project, everyday observation and experience alone denies the claim that all ‘communities,’ religions and cultures are of equal worth in the sense that they are equally conducive to human flourishing.
Left Liberalism cannot tolerate the Heresy of Race Difference
But especially, and backed by a mounting corpus of scientific research which leftist / liberals are going to find more and more difficult to ignore and suppress, it denies the claim that the races are identical in every important respect.  The enforced view that the races are equal  has reached the hysterical, McCarthyite pitch that if one were for example to point out the blinding obvious; that blacks excel at sprint racing and are responsible for most violent crime in London, one will find oneself vilified as a ’racist’.  The left liberal cult of equality cannot tolerate the heresy of race difference.  If race differences were to be admitted, its ideology would immediately begin to crumble.
Christianity reconciles Difference and Equality
Here is where Christianity comes in.  Christianity accepts difference as real.  But while individuals and groups are not equal in their abilities or achievements or in their relationship to a flourishing society, thought of as a Christian society, people are all equally valuable as being equally loved children of God.  Thus Christianity reconciles difference and equality in a way impossible for left liberalism. Christianity as practiced in the past centuries which involved sometimes vicious intolerance, is long gone.
It is because it recognises difference and the problems that differences bring that Christianity offers a way forward for a civilised nationalism.  Contrary to what is sometimes thought and preached under the influence of leftist ideology, its universalism does not preclude nation states.  Why should it?  Jesus was himself a Jew who lived and moved amongst his own people.
Christianity is necessary for a Civilised Society
There are those of course who will say that religion isn’t necessary for civilised behaviour.  The Gulags and the Concentration Camps say otherwise.  When religion is abandoned history shows that there is a drift towards the diminution of human worth and consequently towards tyranny of one sort or another.  We can see this process in our own country where individualism has brought about a ‘woman’s right to choose’ abortion on demand and the old are beginning to come into a position where they may find themselves under pressure to have themselves euthanased as being useless and a burden.
So let us set forth on a path of Christian nationalism, not thinking of ourselves as a ‘chosen’ people (that is very dangerous as well as false) but recognising our own undoubted merits as a people and the contribution that Christianity has brought to our historic successes as well as to the spiritual lives of so many of our illustrious forebears and to believers today.
Let us at the same time in Christian fashion tolerantly recognise the rights of other nations to live their lives peaceably and without threat, letting them work out their own salvation as best they may.
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