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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Labour Leader Wants to make Wales an Open House for Asylum Seekers

Labour Leader Wants to make Wales an Open House for Asylum Seekers PDF Print E-mail
Written by John of Gwent
April 2012

welsh_door_mat_120_x_76Those who recall my fifteen minutes of fame making Peter Hain look a bloody fool on live TV might have noticed Ieuan Wyn Jones, then leader of Plaid Curry saying it was important to welcome all and sundry from the 27 EU countries to Wales and the more the merrier.

How exactly that works to the advantage of the existing British Passport Holders struggling to find a job there I never quite worked out.

Now however it seems the Welsh Labour Leader has decided it is time to chop down the door frames that once held fast the doors which Tony Blair blew of.

Over on the decidedly unpatriotic wales online website you will see details of the First Minister's Grand Plan for "Wales To become the first 'nation of sanctuary', and that it must 'blaze a trail in its care for refugees and asylum seekers'

If I thought for a moment that this really was an initiative designed to help and assist those who through no fault of their own find the government of their own country desiring their heads on a plate, or at least their bullet riddled corpses left in the street, I might give my blessing to this measure

The reality, as every patriot knows, is that this will shine a beacon out to the world in general yelling "illegals welcome here".

After all, I never did get a reply from the outgoing Euro-Millions winner Glenys Kinnock when I wrote to her in 2009 to ask for her opinions about a BBC Documentary that showed the reality of illegal immigrants in shite-strewn plastic tent cities carrying out a nightly attempt to break into a lorry so as to "come to england to claim political asylum" as the near-toothless Afghan said whilst gummily grinning into the BBC camera.

I did, however, get a reply from Plaid Curry's AM out there paving the way to import the Euro Dosh For The Party's Pet Projects And No Others.

She said "it was important that we went out of our way to help these unfortunate people"

The laugh is of course all of them are already entitled to kick the door open and walk in because we are a military beliggerent engaging in military operations in their country. Which means under UNHCR rules they have a right to walk in here and swan around at our expense. A right that only continues while we maintain our troops on their soil.

At least you can see, if you pop over to the Wales Online site, that the majority of commenters have suggested that the First Minister spend rather more of his time assisting those who are already here in this country rather than those who seek to flock here in droves.

Why not spend a moment adding your voice to theirs.

But if you do, be polite.