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Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Need to Conform

stgeorgeflag 120 x 72Many would not know of the attack by the UAF on the Brighton March for England St George parade.  The shocking images of up to seven hundred people, mostly left wing activists from the government sponsored UAF as they attack one hundred and fifty people, including women and children has now gone viral.
There are a number of issues here, not least the total lack of media coverage regarding the attack, let alone the injuries to the police and police horses.  The hypocrisy is clear when you contrast the blanket coverage of Steven, Trayvon and Breivik with the lack of coverage given to the various rapes by Muslims or this attack.  I say hypocrisy because one of the most enduring images is that of a middle aged man shielding his child from bricks and bottles thrown by the left.
The March for England organisers went to great lengths to point out that they did not belong to any group, and having searched the internet, I must admit that the march was billed as non-political!  Here therefore lies the second issue, in that MFE went to great efforts to invite members of the black and Asian community as well as members of the homosexual community, what a march that would have made, if you will excuse the pun, what a gay day.
The disintegrating EDL, and the MFE amongst many others who have declared themselves nationalists, or even laughingly patriots, have all gone down this route in trying to become inclusive, and invite everyone to take part in their party.  They of course do not understand that the gay/black/Asian/anyone left?  Do not wish to belong to a patriotic organisation.  They belong to their own groups.
A Nationalist/Patriot has three choices, to remain true to his beliefs, which means the left hate you.  Betray your beliefs, which means that you are hated by the left and the right, or leave politics and do nothing, which means that the left hate you!  As the EDL and the MFE have found to their cost, you can bend over backwards to accommodate the left and they will still attack you, so why accommodate them at all.  The same is true of all civic nationalist/plastic patriot organisations.
Finally, and on a much more serious note, the attack on the Brighton march has confirmed beyond any doubt that the media, police, government etc will ignore and even tacitly approve the persecution of one hundred and fifty flag waving people, by seven hundred yobs.  Imagine the furore if several hundred skin heads had attacked a Gay Pride march.
All nationalist organisations with maybe one or two exceptions need to raise their game.  I include the EDL and the Infidels in the groups which are now hamstrung by a lack of ideological direction, and disciplined organisation.  So much so that students, homosexuals and other freaks of the left can attack any public event with impunity.  The Muslims are even more divisive in their ridicule, after all, are they going to be afraid of “Muslamic Ray Guns!” 
It would be too much to hope that the EDL/MFE ditch their attempts at inclusiveness, the right ditch the booze and indiscipline, they get smart and learn the ideological strength of patriotic political action.  Because only then will they be able to put ten thousand political soldiers into Brighton and wipe the left from the streets.