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Sunday, 10 July 2016

A massive CIA hatchet-job against Leadsom.

Today we see a massive CIA hatchet-job against Leadsom. Now why might that be? Why are they backing May? Why are they so desperate to stop Leadsom. Perhaps because they control Theresa May, who did as she was told at the Home Office and flooded the UK with third-world jihadi migrants, while they do not control Leadsom. So they are desperate to stop her.
Theresa May's refusal to have children or offer some explanation of why she did not, does indicate that she is FAR MORE LIKELY to be disloyal to this country. This is exactly the pattern that we saw with Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon and Ted Heath. None of them had children either. In contrast pro-British Mrs Thatcher had two children. No one without children, whether male or female, should ever be allowed to be Prime Minister or President of any country without an acceptable explanation (such as a medical reason). If it was through choice they should be barred from holding office, as they have no interest in the future of the country, and therefore are unlikely to make decisions that will promote it. That is perhaps why May has been so disloyal and why the CIA is desperate to install her!