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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Under Common Law I believe we are out the EU.

By N Carter modified by the Horwich Nationalists 

I believe we are out  the EU. 
Under Common Law The People are supreme over Parliament so the for us the EU is over...only the paperwork and mopping up.
Article 50 is an EU treaty provision. By Our referendum by the People have trumped all treaties and even parliament which draws it legitimate  powers from the People. On the formulation of acts and statutes. That are only applicable by by contract under common law. 
Therefore, Parliament MUST prioritise the People's clear common law decision over any treaty or those that the EU has used to bind us.
The Prime Minister is therefore required, not just able, to use the Royal Prerogative power to nullify the EU treaties...except any provisions he/she chooses to continue for the time being for practical reasons beneficial to us. So, to me, it is absolutely clear that the EU no longer exists for us, the British people.
Therefore, Article 50 does not, and cannot, apply to the British People.
  The EU must ask us if it wants to negotiate with us to offer mutually beneficial new arrangements.
Essentially it's the same outcome...but it will be OUR negotiation, controlled by us, NOT theirs controlled by them, a hostile foreign bullying Fascist  power having a petulant spat! We cannot allow EU to have the whip hand over us...for they will use it...and prevent our free and prosperous future...and then do to us what they did to Greece...kill our future with criminal debt loads and long-winded legal cases.

The  EU is a Toxic entity. Only a fool would trust the EU! Ask the Greeks! as the fell for another Socialist Greek bearing gifts of free stuff for all with out realising , they meant just free for all the Bankers .And you  could ask many other nations who are being plundered by this Fascist internationalist corporate entity.

A free country does NOT need to ask permission! We can begin our free future NOW!
We can benefit from that Freedom now, and whilst we speak to EU about better terms than the standard WTO terms available to any country in the world.
And if EU try political machinations ...we will not care because we will be free to trade and set our own international treaties with the rest of world, that would be in the interest of the British People and not corporations ...And dismiss the EU.with 'countervailing measures' that are permitted, indeed almost required under WTO rules.
Onwards and upwards!