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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Usefull Idiots Protest in London in Favour of Slavery to Central Bankers

by Horwich Nationalists
This Morning 2nd July 2016,

 London witness the most shocking example of useful idiocy so far manifested since
the Brexit victory that the vast overwhelming majority of the British People voted for and want.

The useful idiots began gathering in Park Lane in the early hours this morning as they prepared for the #F**k Brexit rally which started at 11am. 
The mob to marched down Piccadilly, Pall Mall and Whitehall before ending at Parliament Square, where Bob Geldof and Tim Farron gave their anti-Brexit speeches, as a no doubted they owed there masters something in return for vast riches for such mediocre talent in my view. 

The Mob of useful idiots were waving EU flags and home-made placards, as well as using smoke bombs, and chanting “EU, we love you” “Hope not hate”, “Breverse” and “Parliament use your sovereignty to save the UK from this crisis” . 
It is quite obvious to me that these so called protests are nothing more than a paid for and orchestrated by the Globalists.  It is quite obvious that the mob with the lack of mental capacity that can see that the EU is nothing more than a Fascist empire of the Merger of a undemocratic  technocratic bureaucracy ridden government with Corporate powers , and the  central banks that control them both , are incapable of organising this kind of thing so quickly. And that the establishment MUST ! Be behind it with a dark agenda.  
Addressing the  the March for Europe protestors, mediocre musician and tragedy exploiter Bob Geldof said leader’s of the Leave campaign had "robbed the young of their future".  
But What future Bob ? A future of enslavement via debt in a country even more enslaved to the European Central Bank with a National debt that needs a massive Tax burden to service just the interest on the Currency created out of thin air by the bankers. A future were they have no say in any thing that affects there lives . A future where they will be told they have to live in a certain district ,eat certain GMO food , a future where the dictates say that once they reach a certain age they must be subject euthanasia for the Good , sorry profitability of society. A future where any sense of personal identity whether it be gender ,race , religion, nationality, is deemed a hate crime. 
These over indulged youngsters want to sit down and try to think matters through. it is a pity that so many of them have been so dumbed down by the atrocious but deliberate standard of state education. That to even consider anything that will not stimulate there physical senses or emotional state, has no chance what so ever of ever occurring. 
They are like sheep following the Judas goats . And marching straight into the spiritual and physical death  of the darkness that that hates and despises them and is completely malevolent. And will destroy them 1st if it succeeds.  
In a way I feel sorry for them for I know what I fight for and what I know to be objective truth both spiritually and temporally . But these wretches as Our Lord Jesus Christ said. "

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.".

They through either there pride , ignorance or complete loving of darkness are after creating a Hell on Earth for all. And a certainty of Hell for ever for themselves. We Must oppose them !"