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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brexit Forget 'negotiation ! Is Article 50 is a trap

By Nigel Carter
A useful reminder...the EU is nasty, petulant and determined to stop matter how nicely they ask, plead, beg or grovel.
Forget 'negotiation'...we will not be in the room...Article 50 is a trap, a torture for the is to hold a country limbo, suspended animation...long enough until circumstances change and a re-run of a referendum, rigged this time, can force obedience.
eu cannot be talked with...negotiations are futile.
Immediate OUT...because all treaties fell when the supreme People voted...followed by immediate independent action on border control, points system (simply include EU citizens in the non EU system tomorrow...for now) and suspension of membership and VAT payments, diversion of cash to current recipients directly through UK Govt (same rates)...from Jan 1st, say, etc.
We voted OUT, now behave OUT.
For us the EU is over, alien.
Then negotiate, at our pace, under our rules...a better and free way forward...or 'no trade deal' status continues forever.
Any hostilities from EU becomes 'countervailing measures' allowed/required under World Trade Organisation rules.
Key points: Article 50 can only apply to members of the EU...countries governed by the EU....we, UK, are OUT...already Article 50, none of it, nothing applies.
UK People are supreme over UK Parliament and therefore EU has NO hold over us whatsoever.
Now we can chat to EU as equals, not supplicants...and if EU continues to be rude, insolent and high-handed...who cares? ...we can get on with our global future as friends to our friends in the world...and let the EU they will do to us if we succumb to the torture of Article 50...designed to punish and hold a country in...if it dares to defy the high and mighty, low-down EU.
Please! Get this point if no other...EU are not 'our partners'...EU is the overlord...EU countries are grabbing competitors for influence and/or cash...they're in it for what they can get...not to be British by 'doing the right thing'.
Be wise. Protect your back. Seal your pockets. Hide your wallet. Don't let them pick the battleground or they will win and rob us again.
Get out first just by taking our Freedom back that they should never have touched...and demand the best treatment for us if they want the best from us.
We put them on notice...nothing for nothing...meanwhile we are better off with no deal than any eu deal that's on offer or in prosperity today.
This way, no delay.
Wait, plead from within and EU will have us down its gullet, paying its bills of failure a gulp.
  EU is nasty, EU is toxic...for our children and grand children's wise...escape now!

  EU is a chasm you cannot jump in easy stages...bit by bit is not possible, you will fall in.
A chasm, in or out, must be jumped in one big leap...or fall down.
Don't dither mid-air...reach and fly to the other side...with confidence.
Remember, there going back now...nasty eu is spiteful and will never forgive us, or forget, unless we ignore it...and thereby humble it.
Beware. Be wise.