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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

what we really think of Mrs May

Please copy paste edit and send to your Local MP in informing them what we really think of Mrs May
Date: 6 July 2016
Rt Hon. MP
House of Commons

Dear Mr
As one of your Constituents who voted to leave the EU in the recent referendum, and being of conservative instinct, I would like to express my hope that you will back Andrea Leadsome to be the next Conservative party leader and Prime Minister.
I feel that following the referendum result, only someone who supported Brexit can legitimately hold the office of Prime Minister and be trusted to carry out the will of the British people.
It worries me deeply that Theresa May is being touted as the front runner in this contest. Not only did she support remaining in the EU – and still does - but her performance as Home Secretary has been far from impressive. She has overseen unprecedented levels of uncontrolled mass immigration and has overseen cuts to the Police, Immigration Service and Border Force.
She also supports the European Arrest Warrant which allows the arrest of British citizens in their own country by a foreign police service and deportation to that country to stand trial for things which may be perfectly legal in Britain.
The only requirement of the EAW process is that the paperwork is completed correctly – there does not need to be any prima facie evidence against the person being arrested.
This is completely contrary to the British judicial tradition of Habeus Corpus, ie, the right of a person to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, enshrined in Magna Carta for over 800 years.
In her bid for power, May has also come out in support of Britain remaining bound by the judgment of the very inappropriately named European Court of Human Rights.
This is a complete about face on her previous stance on the issue. As you know, it is this court which has frequently over ruled British courts and prevented our elected government from deporting foreign criminals including murderers, rapists and terrorists.
What we need is a British Bill of Rights based on our own Common Law, not a criminal’s charter from Brussels.
May has also cynically and despicably continued the former Remain campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ by suggesting that the rights of EU nationals already legally resident in the UK cannot be guaranteed and may depend on the continued free movement of people as a condition for continued access to the single market post-Brexit.
Uncontrolled immigration from the EU was a major factor in many people voting to leave on June 23rd. We did not vote for it to continue as a condition for free trade, which any intelligent person knows will continue regardless since it is at least as much in the EU’s interest as Britain’s.
Many fellow Brexiters I have spoken with firmly believe that the rights of these EU citizens to remain here should be protected and that they should not be used bargaining chips. This is the honourable position that Andrea Leadsome has taken.
On a personal level, why should anyone who has found employment here, pay their taxes and who speak English by way of integrating themselves into our society. Why should they be forced to leave or be made to fear that they may have no choice?

By all means let’s be able to remove those who have come here simply to live off our generous welfare state with no intention of working or integrating or those who have abused our hospitality by committing crimes here, but that should apply to all such foreign residents, not just those from the EU.
I wonder what game Theresa May is playing here. I am of the opinion that she is exploiting the perceived increase in racism and xenophobia since the Brexit vote to create a sense of guilt in people like myself who have European friends living in this country in order to ‘soften us up’ for a second referendum or delay our exit until after March 2017 when new EU rules will mean we will need a majority EU vote to leave?
The contrast in Theresa May’s and Andrea Leadsome’s respective positions on this emotive issue is extremely ironic when one thinks about it – a Brexiter guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals and Remainer putting them in doubt.
May should be ashamed of herself. On this issue alone she has shown herself up to be the embodiment of all that is wrong with politics in Britain and which has created such a dis-connect from the general public.
Add to this list May’s support for Sharia Courts operating a parallel legal system in this Country and her comments that there is no evidence that sex with children does them any harm – all of which is on record – and she has shown herself utterly unfit to lead this Country, now or at any time.
Yours sincerely
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