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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Brexit Exposed the Hysterical Subjective Nature of Modern Young People

By Thomas Sheridan

Life has a certain delicious vitality associated with risk. Remaining as you were, is stagnation and entropy. A leap into the unknown is better than the security of comfortable, conditioning over the long run. Risk is the engine of possibilities. It unleashes creative ideas and solutions.

What did we see as the response by young people who were told about the democratic passing of the Brexit vote? Sheer, hysterical, conservative terror, and closed-minded bigotry against the working classes and older voters. A generation raised within Richard Dawkin's safe spaces of 'reason' and who have turned out to be more terrified of change and the unknown than the older generations they desire to exterminate for voting the 'wrong way'...bad, bad older people!!! You have made Tarquin the media studies, third year student from Hampshire cry and stamp his progressive designer boots in horror and vitriol. "Keep the world the same!!!" That's the young people of today, all waiting for Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh to allow them a chance to grow as individuals, or worse still, waiting for the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union, Trotskyite Professors, and the Fabian Society/London School of Economics spooks who infest the likes of the BBC and the Guardian newspaper to do something to take the votes away from people who voted for Brexit.

Brexit will be looked upon as one of the defining moments of Western civilisation. On par with the French Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The last dice that academic Marxism - in tandem with their corporatist, globalisation,benefactors - had to play with, and, which crapped out. The reaction of the leftist intellectual elite holding hands with the likes of Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sach/World Bank in attempting to incite a Bernays-like coup upon the consciousness finally demonstrated - to all who can still think for themselves - what working class hating fascists they all are. The real agenda of globalism was there for all to see.

It also brought about a closure which began with the London School of Economics/BBC graduates in the late 1980s of reengineer the British working classes. Treating them like lab rats using the Pavlovian conditioning of Eastenders, Little Britain and Tellytubbies. Destroying the family structure, altering their thought processes, and with Little Britain, making them despise their own existence. Gaslighting them into oblivion, and then promising them their neo-liberal globalisation rewards which was to tolerate things no sane person should ever have to tolerate. It is indeed ironic looking back now to a time when the BBC used the otherwise wonderful Fred Dibnah to demolish the landscape of working class Britain, that the Marxist intellectual elite were demolishing the psychology of the communities around the falling smoke stacks. Proclaiming that something vague called 'diversity', and destroying your own identity, was proof of you being fit (in reality, 'worthy enough') to live in their New Statesman dreamworld of the globalist future.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE