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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Europe is imploding as we speak ,MASSIVE Chaos to Start…Tomorrow?

MASSIVE Chaos to Start…Tomorrow?

roadtoroota / by Bix Weir / Origional post at Silver for the people
Europe is imploding as we speak. From riots in Berlin to ATM runs in Italy to Deutsche Bank begging for a 150B Euro bailout – all the controls are breaking down and there is no way to stop it.
Many people are asking…WHY NOW?
I think it has to do with the BREXIT derivatives that start paying out this week.
Let’s face it – the BREXIT was unexpected by the elite even up to the evening of the vote. TRILLIONS in FX bets were gambled on the outcome and those who were supposed to be “in the know” got it wrong. Now they have to pay up according to the rules set out in the ISDA Master Derivative Agreements and individual derivative contracts on OTC Derivative Market.
There are various time frames for settlement of derivative contracts but most are either settled in 3-4 weeks after the event or 10 business days after the end of the quarter. The BREXIT vote was held on June 23rd and the results were finalized on June 24th.
That puts us at “Settlement Dates” roughly starting tomorrow (if you count the 4th of July as a holiday) and going through the next few weeks.
As I believe that many of these contracts will not be fulfilled we will run into immediate counter-party failures blowing apart the “derivative hedges” that were supposed to offset losses. Then, all of a sudden, the “notional value” in the Quadrillions that is claimed to be hedged against turns into the real deal.
So expect the rumblings in Europe to begin to turn into a REAL collapse nearing the end of this week and getting worse as we move through July.
In the USA expect more planned social breakdowns as we approach the Republican Convention on Monday July 18th. BUT keep a close eye on the Republican Rules Committee meetings scheduled to start tomorrow. There will be those calling for DRASTIC rule changes in order to oust Trump.
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