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Sunday, 4 March 2012

1,544 White Farmers Murdered in South Africa Rainbow Nation ?

1,544 White Farmers Murdered in South Africa

By Andrew Brons MEP. at BNP Ideas

On Wednesday morning we attended a Conference in the European Parliament that was addressed by Henk van de Graaf, the Vice President of Transvaal Farmers’ Union.

He gave a horrifying account of planned and politically-motivated and racially-motivated attacks on Afrikaners’ farms and on the Afrikaners and their families. He gave a vivid and heart-rending account of a farmer, his wife and three year old daughter being tortured to death.

The political motivation of the attacks could not be doubted. An Africa National Congress (ANC) youth leader had popularised the slogans: Kill a Boer; Kill a Farmer and One Boer, One Bullet. Furthermore, during the World Cup in South Africa (when the South African Government was concerned about its image), the killings stopped miraculously but temporarily.

The number of white farmers had halved and the proportion of land owned by Whites had fallen from 50% to 33%. However, the land handed over to the Black population had been neglected and produced little food. The irony is that South Africa had been producing a large food surplus but food production had fallen so much that it was now barely self-sufficient.

When farmers had reported attempted attacks, the police had refused to take any action saying that they had no fuel for their vehicles.

The response of the world media was not dissimilar, although they did not quite plead that they had no ink for their printing presses. It would have more accurate to say that they had no ears capable of hearing accounts of atrocities against Whites and no fingers that could be motivated to type the true story of Post-Apartheid South Africa into their PCs.

Of course, journalists do not think, listen and write in a void. They reflect the limitations of the Political Class of which they are a part. A report, on Emerging Economies, issued in the European Parliament only this week* refers to South Africa as follows:

“South Africa given its record of successful and peaceful transition to democracy and good governance, fostering regional economic integration and supporting national reconciliation across Africa……”

A capacity for self-delusion is not yet compulsory for MEPs but it helps.

*A Report on the EU Foreign Policy towards the BRICS and other emerging powers: objectives and strategies. Rapporteur: Jacek Saryusz-Wolski