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Friday, 30 March 2012

Forget International Women's Day, What About Britain's Women and Girls?

Forget International Women's Day, What About Britain's Women and Girls? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Southwest Nationalist
March 2012

white_victimHurrah and hallelujah. For International Women's Day we're going to be a major player in stopping violence and trafficking across the world.

We'll help 60,000 women in Asia avoid abuse, 7,000 in Zambia, and we'll "end early marriage" for 200,000 girls in Ethiopia - apparently half of all girls in Ethiopia are currently married by the age of 15.

Great news, with church of the foreign aid evangelist - and International Development Secretary - Andrew Mitchell crowing all over it like some hysterical devotee. Gender, barrier to a healthy life, violence, destroys the potential of girls, girls and women at the heart of our efforts. Blah, every buzzword going.

What about all the victims of the (alleged) Muslim paedophiles currently on trial in Liverpool? What were we doing about safeguarding their future potential, protecting them from violence, about putting them at the heart of our efforts?

Bloody nothing, that's what. They don't matter if they're here, they don't matter if they're white, they don't matter because the establishment would rather keep the full extent of the Muslim paedophile nightmare a secret.

Those girls - and by God we all hope they recover from this and go on to happy lives - are a price that the adherents of the multicultural dream considered worth paying. Nobody was there to protect them from a catalogue of horrifying abuse and violence, society looked away.

Tell me I'm wrong. I'm not. Derby. Burnley. Sheffield. Rochdale. How many cases are there? How many victims? We don't know. The state PC and picture of harmony apparatus covered it up, it keeps covering it up wherever it can. We see just a few cases among many hit the headlines.

Where were they when our girls were falling victim to violence and abuse? Looking the other way, telling us it wasn't happening. Ignorance and deception was - and is - the only way they keep their idiotic multi racial and multi cultural Utopia delusion alive.

Where were they for a list of names we'll never know, children and grown women alike - simply because they were abused at a young age, will never have their identities revealed, but will have to live with the nightmare of Muslim paedophiles haunting them til the end of their days? Or, even worse, who had their lives ended.

Where were they for Charlene Downes?

Where were they for Paige Chivers*?

Where were they for Laura Wilson?

They - those who should be protecting them - weren't there. They were looking to Zambia, Ethiopia, and every other nation, and saying what we had to do to improve girls and womens lives there.

Our children, our women and girls, they didn't matter to those running the show. They still don't.

International Women's Day?

What about our women, our girl children?

The hypocrites can bang on about protecting women all they like - truth is that they sold out our women and children, protecting them took a distant second place to the creation of this multicultural insanity.

Whilst there is one Charlene, one Paige, one Laura, one girl whose name we will never know, falling victim to Muslim perverts, and whilst the establishment still cover it up and insist there is no problem, we fail the most important women and girls of all - our women and girls.

Forget other nations, forget our eyes elsewhere, it is our women and children needing protection - but our elites and establishment are busy wilfully ignoring that whilst they prance around at posh events crowing about protecting women in far flung lands.

Protect our women, protect our young girls, that would be something to truly mark International Women's Day - but no, they don't matter, they're a sacrifice our leaders will willingly give up in the name of the multicultural madness.

*We should note for Paige that although she has been linked to the same takeaway as Charlene Downes, and Muslim grooming is a certainty, her family still believe she may be alive. She vanished at the age of 15, and we all pray that she will be found alive and well.