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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Basis of a Lie , The EU

The Basis of a Lie PDF Print E-mail
Written by Richard Newman
March 2012

euujflags_120_x_90Steering away from arguments about morality, and religion. I believe that safer ground can be found on the subject of the European Union.

It is interesting to observe peoples thoughts on our entry and the events after our entry into the trading zone, which most people believed they were joining.

On the BBC website they have a large amount of research material, part of which includes comments by Steve Johnson, on his mother receiving vote yes material in her wage packet during the referendum of 1975. The material stated:

A YES vote would ensure no more wars for my generation

A YES vote would guarantee prosperity for jobs and the future

We know of course that by joining the EEC we betrayed our own Commonwealth by destroying their export market overnight. Edward Heath and his gang of traitors knew this, just as they knew that the ultimate goal was the destruction of Britain and the emergence of the European Superstate.

For the younger readers, it is worth noting that it was the Conservative government of the traitor Edward Heath who passed legislation to enter the EEC in 1973.

The first large referendum to decide on continued membership took place as stated in 1975, as a result of an election promise by Labours Harold Wilson. The YES campaign was supported by the Media and the Banksters, with every household in Britain receiving a leaflet supporting the yes campaign. This YES campaign was of course massively over funded, in line with other campaigns that have occurred since.

Even with this funding avalanche just under one third voted against membership. We have been promised a referendum, but so far NO main stream political organisation has allowed the people a say on the EU.

Back to those promises - No more wars! Well with the exception of the Balkans there has not been a major war in Europe since 1945. The world of the 21st Century continues to be beset by war and civil strife, so yes they lied. We have been involved in at least five major wars since.

Economic prosperity and jobs? In 1975 we were rated and had the following unemployment figures;

Unemployment peaked at over 10% or just over 3 million in 1986, using government figures. Economically our tax burden in 1975 was 54%, it has now risen to 57%. However, the main change was in borrowing set at 43% of GDP in 1975. It has now risen to over 68% according to treasury figures. The unemployment figure now is 8.4% (Dec 2011), before we entered Europe it was 3.4%.

So thanks to EU membership our unemployment has increased by at least 5%. In December 2011 national public debt was set at 64% of GDP. However, the unadjusted measure of public sector net debt is 148% of GDP or £2266.3 billion, a staggering sum.

No wonder over 50% of the electorate do not vote, the lies of our political elite have cost us jobs and money.

Many ordinary people now believe that at some stage in the near future, because of the financial hardships caused by government policy and membership of the EU empire, civil war will be inevitable.