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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Twitter Muamba Rant = 56 Days More In Jail Than Some Child Abusers Get

Muamba Rant = 56 Days More In Jail Than Some Child Abusers Get PDF Print E-mail
Written by Southwest Nationalist
March 2012

fabrice_muambaTwenty-one year old Liam Stacey, who shot to the front of the tabloids with a headline of "lol, f*ck muamba he's dead!!" has been sentenced to 56 days in prison after being convicted of inciting racial hatred.

Stacey, who was tracked down and admitted the charge when he appeared at Swansea Magistrates Court, made the moronic remarks on Twitter.

Although the comments may well have been crude and offensive, the witch hunt that resulted really is insane and serves to highlight how any whiff of perceived racism elevates anything to hysterical levels

The inciting racial hatred angle shows a clear disparity in how offence is tackled.

Should the details of his comments that have been posted online be accurate, we have such lines as :

"Yes it is you f**king c*nt! Go rape your mother", "go rape your dog", and "come do it then you c*nt?? Give it the big one and actually do it!! I'll stamp on your face until its f**king flat" which most likely wouldn't even warrant a slap on the wrist or a £50 fine, let alone huge media attention, if it wasn't for two other comments :

"go suck muamba's dead black d*ck then you aids ridden twat" and "owwww go suck a n*gger d*ck you f**king aids ridden c*nt".

We've all heard worse language than the first set of examples in the local pub, a most likely drunken idiot mouthing off and giving it large. If the police turn up at all - good luck with that mostly, at least before said drunk books you a trip to casualty - it's a night in the cells, perhaps a slap on the wrist for threatening behaviour.

We can find countless rants like that online, nothing much is done. Unless you mix in a couple 'racial' comments that don't even relate to the later aggression that is, and then it's prison time for incitement to racial hatred.

Would he have even been in court if he'd not said n*gger or black d*ck in amongst his rant? Would he have been had he posted a similar rant focused on a white persons misfortunes, then branching off into a drunken rant about nothing at all?

Why should an alleged racial aspect elevate speech, however crude and repugnant, to prison time? He'd not have even been in court if he hadn't mentioned the n*gger word most likely, nor if it had been a white footballer collapsing whom he jeered over.

I call his posts the tasteless and idiotic rant of someone who had drank too much (he confessed to this), his tirade crude and offensive. But, 56 days in jail?

Just recently there was a case of child abuse in Bristol, David Reed found guilty of 16 sexual offences against a girl whilst she was aged five to eight. Not a day in prison, a 12 month suspended sentence. There are plenty of other similar examples especially when it comes to child pornography.

Are a few crap words on Twitter, with a few 'racist' comments mixed in, worse than sexually abusing a five year old - however crude those words may be?

Seems they are when it comes to how much time you'll spend in prison and how harshly you will be punished.

Apparently the judge in the Stacey case passed sentence to "reflect public abhorrence". Funny they never care about that when it comes to perverts abusing children, a crime which truly sickens everyone and ruins far more lives than a few crude and clumsy words on Twitter.