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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Democracy Dies via World Debt

Democracy Dies

By William Spearshake. If any reader would like to be scared out of their wits, the most frightening website in the world at the moment is actually that of the financial magazine The Economist, specifically this one.

That website features a global debt clock, in which the amount of debt run-up by world governments taken as a collective whole is shown. The figure rises every moment.

I recommend you visit that site, provided you are not of a nervous disposition. One way of describing it is to call it the financial equivalent of the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho.

The world’s debt is increasing at a rate of about one million US dollars every 12 seconds – that’s $5 million a minute, $300 million an hour, over $7 billion each day, $35 billion each week…

It seems impossible for the world to go on increasing its aggregate public debt at this white-knuckle speed much longer. Already, we are feeling the impact of it in Britain.

However, the biggest calamity at this current period is that which is being inflicted upon the ordinary citizens of Greece by that destroyer of Democracy, the European Union.

It was recently reports that Christos Papoutsis, the Greek Minister for Public Order, has stated that the austerity cuts the European Union has demanded have now pushed the citizens of Greece to the limit – and despite this human suffering, the powers behind the European finances have demanded a further swathe of austerity cuts of 325 million Euros, on top of everything Greece has already been forced to cut!

Following the violent, understandable and desperate public riots, Mr. Papoutsis has said that Greece has made superhuman efforts to comply with the EU demands, and that the ordinary people of his country cannot take any more.

However, in what may be called “the small print”, the situation within Europe may rapidly become even worse than we are imagining at the moment.

Because, adding insult to injury, the EU has also made the demand that all the main Greek political parties must give a signed personal guarantee that, no matter which of them wins the forthcoming general election in April, the national budget cuts will not be permitted to be adjusted down, let alone revoked.

Now, hold on a minute – surely this EU demand is, inarguably and inexcusably, a direct and flagrant assault upon the very central pillars of Democracy itself?

Democracy can be defined as: “Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.”

Wikipedia says: “The most common form of modern democracy is parliamentary democracy in which the voting public takes part in elections and chooses politicians to represent them in a legislative assembly. The members of the assembly then make decisions with a majority vote.”

The insistence of a centralised European administrative bureau that ALL political parties in a country must guarantee to adopt a single policy on an issue regardless of who wins a general election, is not only immoral, undemocratic, offensive, dictatorial and highly contentious, it is also an absolutely terrifying precedent which must be resisted by all possible means at any costs.

Quite simply, the acceptance of the right of the European State to pre-dictate its own preferential limitations upon a country’s political parties will be the death-knell of Democracy as a principle and as a political system.

Please give this some thought. If the countries, politicians and elected administrators of Europe accept the right of the European bureaucracy to place limitations upon the policies of political parties, even when a party is not in government, then there can be no Democratic political opposition to the central European dictatorship.

It will not be the choice of the people that determines their government’s policies, it will be the rules imposed upon all political parties by the European State.

Think about it some more. If the European State claims the right to instruct all political parties to adopt policy approved of by Europe and to be forbidden from adopting any particular policy not approved by Europe, then Europe will be a de facto dictatorship, as pervasive and heinous as that of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and the countries of the European Union will no longer be Member States of a European Union – they will be the emasculated victims of a dictatorial takeover, an actual conquest.

Bringing it down to our own grass-roots level, if the European Union was recognized as having the supreme authority to dictate to political parties within member states what legislation they may or may not introduce if they should come to power, then any possible future Nationalist government would, quite simply, not be allowed to have ANY of the important Nationalist policies within its manifesto.

Under such conditions, no elected government would be able to reverse previous legislation on such topics as immigration, political correctness, rulings by the European Court of Human Rights, or hold a referendum on membership of the EU, or even be allowed to campaign on these issues or include them in their manifesto!

This step of the European power to demand that all Greek political parties must agree not to reverse a particular set of legislative measures if they happen to be elected at a future date is the thin end of a very dangerous wedge.

If the right of Europe to control policy in political parties is not challenged at the outset, then we will surely be in the final countdown to the ultimate doom of national freedom – the death of Democracy as a system of government and the effective prohibition of any form of political Nationalism.