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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stephen Lawrence - DNA Evidence now in doubt

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Written by Green Arrow
March 2012

dna_120_x_155I for one, wondered about the validity of the DNA evidence that they used to get a guilty verdict against the men who the establishment say, killed the black drug dealer Stephen Lawrence - who has gone from being a street yob to a Saint since his death.

Now it seem that convictions for murder and rape are to be reviewed, because of a "mistake" at the forensics laboratory that handled the DNA evidence in the Stephen Lawrence case. The parents of the dead teenager have been informed about this new development, in one of the longest cases of persecution I have ever seen. One would hope that they did not get priority treatment in this matter.

Personally I never believed that the DNA evidence in this case was genuine, as we have seen the lengths to which the evil establishment will go to to get the results they want, be it illegal wars, silencing whistle blowers or fabricating evidence.