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Saturday, 17 March 2012

A French Lesson for British & UK Nationalists

By William Spearshake. Dateline: 7th March 2012. From the heights of David Cameron to the rank-and-file of the divided and scattered nationalists of Britain, the people of our country are being given a big lesson in How It Should Be Done!

Seeing himself being backed into a corner in this year’s Presidential election, no less a person than current French President Nicolas Sarkozy has now finally been compelled to publically admit the truth to his bruised and culturally raped nation.

During a pre-election debate on French television, the French President (himself the son of an immigrant from Eastern Europe) has stated that France has too many foreigners!

He also revealed the fact that there is no working system for integrating immigrants into French society and culture and that all attempts to accomplish this are on the point of breakdown.

On public television, he has revealed his Great New Idea, seemingly designed as a desperation measure to win back haemorrhaging voters, which is to grasp the poisonous political nettle of immigration and promise to his country that, if he wins next month’s election, he will attempt to almost halve the number of (legally identified) arriving immigrants, admitting that the French immigration control system is at risk of collapse, and also – wait for it! – he will create much tighter control on immigrant’s entitlement to welfare benefits.

Already, M. Sarkozy has introduced new laws enabling France to deport Roma gypsies. As recently as 6th March, Sarkozy’s Prime Minister Francois Fillon stated that the slaughter of animals according to “religious requirements” was an “out of date” concept – the French government’s knee-jerk reaction to a documentary on French television channel France 2 in which it was shown that every single abattoir in the Paris region exclusively produces nothing but halal meat!

Now, one cannot help but wonder what has prompted this change of attitude in a leading component of the “Drown European Cultures With Immigrants” conspiracy? A change of attitude so sudden and so dramatic as to almost produce a screech of brakes and the smell of burning tyre rubber as the French government swerves wildly and crunches its gears into reverse!

The answer to this puzzling political about-turn is not hard to find. Voters are flocking to M. Sarkozy’s two main political rivals for the Presidency, Francois Hollande the Socialist candidate, and Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

Since taking the place of her father (who actually came second in 2002’s Presidential elections) as leader of the National Front, Marine Le Pen has accomplished what has been described as a “de-toxifying” of the image of the party. As a result, recent opinion polls have shown that she is now actually the most popular politician in France, although the Socialist M. Hollande is generally expected to win the presidency.

With great significance, this new recognition of the forward political position of the National Front as a potential government that can save France from cultural extinction is growing most rapidly not amongst embittered and nostalgic over-40s but, rather, amongst the housewives, young people and students of France, a semi-crippled country which currently imports 203,000 immigrants a year!

Under Marie Le Pen the National Front’s main political message is one which has immense appeal amongst the ordinary French population, anti-globalisation, anti-European Union, anti-Islamification of France and the restoration of French sovereignty. In addition, Mlle. Le Pen and the party are opposed to the single European currency – the Euro – which she categorizes as a concept that has now proved its obsolescence.

The general trend – the “word on the street” – regarding the gathering momentum of the ordinary French person to favour the National Front can be gauged by a radio report from Abbeville by the BBC’s Paris correspondent Christian Fraser, which can be accessed on their website here.

The general overview of the increasingly marketable French National Front as an essential and acceptable political party for restoring sanity to the French homeland unfortunately stands in very bleak contrast to the situation here in Britain.

In Britain, the main nationalist party has previously been the BNP, which is incapable of evolving into acceptability with “middle-of-the road” voters by cleaning-up its own act. Like the nationalist Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, the French National Front has recognized the overriding necessity of re-branding itself as a populist party, which no longer wishes to be tarred by the epithet “far-right”.

As a result, in the Netherlands and in France there is not only steadily increasing reason to hope for nationalist party election wins, but also and very importantly, there is already mounting political weight from the nationalist parties by which even non-nationalist governments and presidents can be pressurized into admitting that what are, essentially, nationalist policies are more appropriate for the future of their countries than the “Let’s Smile While We Destroy Our Civilisation” policies of liberalism and the far left.

Unfortunately, in Britain the BNP is now nothing but a lurching, lumbering, evolution-proof dinosaur, its body larger than its miniscule brain, and like the fictional dinosaurs in Conan Doyle’s classic novel “The Lost World”, it is doomed by its own political evolutionary inflexibility to cling to an aberrant ghoul-like survival only within the national cemetery of what is fast becoming the Lost World of Britain, whilst across the sea in Europe, nationalism is evolving ever more rapidly towards even higher stages of evolution and victory.

British nationalists indeed need a French lesson!