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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Road Privatisation. The Stealth of gradualism

Road Privatisation. The Stealth of gradualism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rex
March 2012

roadtoll_120_x_120THIS TIME, Cameron, Clegg and Osborne absolutely have to be unseated and stopped. Clearly they are following Letwin’s book “Privatising the World”.

SO JUST WHEN ARE WE ALL GOING TO STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING? Some of us have already started but it needs the entire country to join in.

Our roads must not be privatised. Else Britain will come to a most expensive grinding halt. In South Africa, it is far cheaper to fly there than go by (all the) toll-roads.

Do you not think this is another step toward pricing us off the roads? And with privatisation of the police, what level of policing will we see on our roads? Draconian? Think about it. The Coalition are not working for our benefit.

What has privatisation done for Britain so far? With accountability only to shareholders, who cares what happens to those who need to use the services run for commercial gain above all other interests? We end up paying far more for a worse service. Is that what you want?

This is the thin end of the wedge. Beginning with “Only new roads” as we are carefully told, you know as well as I do it will not be long before all roads are privatised.

What will that mean for the beleaguered motorist or more crucially, our transport businesses? Our nation survives on the ability to travel by road. What about the quality of our roads (Yes, I know many are already poor quality) but do you honestly think they’re going to marvellously improve under privatisation? Privatisation is for commercial (and shareholders’) gain. NOT OURS. We pay the money, endure worse conditions and others profit.

Mark my words, privatisation will very soon bring blanket road pricing using the satnav that many have most conveniently had installed in their cars while Government gleefully rub their hands knowing full well that once most people have satnav, if it can tell a car where it is, it will also tell the government where the car is too (over the whole journey) and what speed it is doing.

That way they’ve got you both ways. Double billing as distance and speed are toted up for the bill that comes through your front door. And if you don’t pay, they’ll find a way of preventing your car starting via direct satellite instructions to the car by some piece of legislated software demanded under the MOT procedure.

If road pricing is to prevent congestion (as are congestion charges) isn’t it most convenient that traffic lights (primarily) and many other “traffic management measures” (aka, built-in baulking devices) actually cause the congestion we find so impenetrable, costly and unavoidable.


"So here’s what we should do. Yes, move passengers and heavy goods on to rail". David Cameron

There IS a better way. Remove many of them and allow drivers to exercise that overlooked inbuilt ability called initiative. They will work it out for themselves without waiting to be told exactly what to do and when to do it. Left to their own devices, drivers will by nature go more carefully because nobody sets out to have an accident and if there is nothing to tell them what to do, they have to think for themselves.

This is not about getting Britain out of the recession that Government (Gordon Brown) deliberately got us into, it is part of the greater ploy to impoverish us into economic slavery.

Think I’m joking? Look it up. It is all there to be read online. There are very many websites that explain just what is going on secretly behind our backs. Immense sums of money could be far better used for the benefit of our own country including sorting out our road systems instead of throwing it into the bottomless EU pit and the other countries that are in fact better off than we are. But they are all sacrosanct. So long as Cameron and Clegg are in place, they will fight “tooth and nail” to keep us in our worsening impoverishment. That is their role in the new order of things.

So a few of us are working for the arrest of Cameron and Clegg. If only the rest of the country (as they say they would be keen to see it) would join in, it’d be happening next week.