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Friday, 30 March 2012

Love That Dare Not Stop Shouting Its Name (Homosexuals) Wins Lottery

Love That Dare Not Stop Shouting Its Name Wins Lottery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Southwest Nationalist
March 2012

lottery_fundedResearching earlier for a story about a gay rhino in Birmingham - yes, taxpayers are footing most of the bill - the National Lottery fund got mentioned several times and seemed worthy of a further look.

Charities focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) issues seem to do pretty well every time we buy a lottery ticket.

Just searching the site for any funding projects with "lgbt" in their project description turns up £6,278,800 of funding. That's more than most jackpots pay out if you get 6 numbers these days.

Seven projects are listed as receiving over £400,000 in funding each, with three of those just a few quid shy of £500,000. 98 Projects in total are shown as funded on just that search of "lgbt".

We have, for example, The Metro Centre Ltd getting £499,648 to "research the difficulties faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people and those questioning their sexuality, and their access to relevant services. Specifically, it will compare the situation of LGBTQ young adults to the Childrens Plan 2020 and Every Child Matters (ECM) goals and targets to inform the development of policy and services based on systematic, up-to-date evidence"

LBGTQ? Queer surely can't be a term of abuse then, it can win lottery funding? Of course they'll claim it means questioning, or - like ni**er - it depends who dares to speak the word.

There's £50,000 for a group named Rukus! Federation to undertake a project called Sharing Tongues : Black LGBT Oral Testimonies. No sensible person is Googling anything involving Black LGBT Oral and the sharing of tongues to find out what on earth that might be about.

Compared to "lgbt", "marriage" turned up £6,388,362 of spending - with all the big grants over £200,000 bar one going either abroad or to ethnic minority concerns such as Asian women, or BME women at risk of violence.

Searching "heterosexual" returned 4 results and spending of £779,656. Two were to do with AIDS, one domestic abuse, and one ran by Stonewall.

"Gay" gave 386 grants totalling £19,748,902. "Lesbian" returned 279 grants and a spend of £14,951,714 (admittedly some of these will cross over, a number contain both lesbian and gay in their description).

"Straight" couldn't really be searched fairly since it includes all kinds of other things like poly tunnels and the construction of a straight lane athletics track, but even so it only returned 39 grants with a value of £10,133,163. So far as could be seen none of the grants had anything to do with sexual orientation.

Perhaps it's time they started printing those lotto tickets on rainbow coloured paper, it seems the LGBT minority are doing remarkably well out of it and get to win just by filling out a grant application form.

Something to remember when we're queueing up to by a ticket in the forlorn hope of getting rich at any rate. Someone waving a rainbow is certainly doing pretty well out of our wasted £1.