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Monday, 12 March 2012

The Baggage of the World , African Witchcraft in UK

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Written by Sarah Albion
March 2012

court drawing of Eric_Bikubi_and_Magalie_Bamu

When sentencing Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu to minimum prison terms or 30 years and 25 years respectively, following their conviction for torturing to death a 15 year old boy, whom they had determined was a witch, the judge David Paget, QC suggested that the killers were sadists. The Congolese couple have also been described as psychopaths, and Bikubi’s own defence team had claimed in court that he was mentally impaired.

They are, of course, none of these things Bikubi and Bamu, are not mad, they are not especially bad and by the standards of their homeland they are not particularly sadistic. The crime they committed, during which their young victim, Bamu's younger brother Kristy, suffered such extreme and prolonged agony he allegedly begged for death seems uniquely horrific when seen from the perspective of a Great Britain which still clings to a crumbling vestige of what we once were. However, throughout central Africa where the killers come from such events are commonplace.

In fact it is believed the abuse of children who are accused of being witches, practising ‘kindoki’, or tribal witchcraft, is growing amongst the African community in Britain, but it has until now been largely covered up and therefore has not yet reached the wider public consciousness.

We now find that the killing of eight year old Victoria ClimbiƩ, from the Ivory Coast in Western Africa, who was tortured to death by her aunt and her aunt's boyfriend in February 2000, a crime long held to be a failing by British social services, in fact involved strong elements of witchcraft. (They certainly kept that information quiet for the last twelve years.)

Like Kristy Bamu and Victoria ClimbiĆ©, the five year old African child, whom the police named Adam (now believed to be a Nigerian child called Ikpomwosa) who’s headless and limbless body was found in the Thames, near London Bridge, was not the victim of a psychopath or a sexual sadist. Instead Adam met his death at the hands of a practitioner of tribal medicine, and his body parts, almost certainly cut from him while he was alive and conscious, so as to increase its potency, were then made into medicines and potions.

However, that’s not where ends is it? Adam would not have suffered the terrible death he did were there not a market for the medicine which his tiny body parts became. As Adam died in England, we must assume that market is now in England. Medicine made from bits of little Adam was almost certainly administered to tens, maybe hundreds of people, here in England. As muti is no secret in the ex-patriot African community, many, maybe most, will have known exactly what that medicine contained.

We are told that the killing of Adam is the only muti murder ever to have occurred in Europe, however, given that large numbers of immigrant children vanish without trace each year, how can we know that is true? Certainly there are troubling numbers of African children in Britain being abused and terrorised by their families who believe them possessed by demons right now, how do we know that others are not being sacrificed by sangomas?

We are witnessing things in the year 2012 which this country has not seen in five centuries or more, in the case of Muti killings we are seeing that which we have never seen before.

Our lying media would have have us believe otherwise. In the aftermath of the Bikubi and Banu trial “experts” - mainly black - appeared on our TV screen to claim that such events occur in all racial and ethnic groups, including, as one claimed earlier this week, “the host community”. Not one journalist was honest or honourable enough to tell him he was a lying little creep.

Lies, have now become what passes for truth, but they are still lies even though none dare call them such.

Dishonest bits of propaganda, like the recent BBC series “Prisoner's wives” may portray a human trafficker as a white man from Essex called Steve, or make the only honourable male character in the entire series a black man loyally serving time in prison for crimes really committed by his ginger haired white girlfriend, but that is fantasyland liberal froth and not the reality of new Britain.

It is the exactly the same with honour killings and forced marriages, that dishonest rag the Daily Mail may try to pretend such things are regular occurrences within our own culture by illustrating an article about forced marriages with a picture of a glum looking blonde woman in a white wedding dress or attempting to equate honour killings, where various Asian family members, usually fathers and brothers, but sometimes also mothers will murder a daughter, or occasionally a son, who has brought dishonour on the family, usually by adopting western values, with “domestic violence”.

It is true that domestic violence effects all sections of society to one degree or another, although for various reasons, including cultural ones it is more common in non-European communities, in America for instance, murder by a domestic partner is the main cause of premature death amongst black women. However, honour killing, like muti killings, gang rape and female circumcision is a problem which exists almost exclusively amongst the new immigrant community which we have imported into our country.

The Old Etonian airhead who runs this country tells us that we, the British, could learn from Asian families, presumably he has spent so long with his head buried in the Aristo's guide to speaking PC and Chav that he completely lost track of reality.

It is not just the killings, there are now acid attacks on the streets of Britain, no different than those seen daily on the streets of Islamabad or Lahore, and I have not even mentioned the abuse of our under aged girls, being passed around like pieces of meat between dozens, and by at least one account “thousands” of men.

This is the problem with multiculturalism and our newly imposed multiracial society, which its fanatical cheerleaders deliberately seek to obscure. Underneath the pretty stuff which tourists and backpackers see, most third world cultures have a very ugly underbelly and when you open your doors to mass migration, that underbelly slithers in behind it.

It is true that some sections of the native community are adopting these new cultures, but that is only because it is here and promoted, whilst our own culture is disparaged and downgraded. The media, especially the music industry has spent forty years fanatically promoting so called “gangsta” culture, and music so much uglier, crueller and less spiritual than our own. Is it any wonder that our society has become uglier and less spiritual, that our children are now in danger the moment they step onto the streets, and that those same streets periodically explode in fire and rioting.

David Starkey was correct when he said about last years riots that “whites were adopting black culture”, for, despite the valiant efforts of the media to report only on the white perpetrators, the fact is that black people involved in the rioting were over represented in terms of their numbers within society by over 2,000% , South Asians were over represented by 75% yet whites were under represented by 61% (it didn't look like that on the TV news did it?). Political correctness may dictate that we call the urban uprisings of 2010 “the English Riots” but it was not native English culture which we saw on display.

A white English underclass were certainly involved in the riots, but as foot soldiers and followers enthusiastically embracing the new culture they have been told is so much cooler than their own, and which has come to dominate the blighted areas where they live.

This was, of course, not how it appeared through the veil of censorship imposed by our now entirely corrupt news media with their carefully selected reporting. As we should all now know, the real news is habitually suppressed and censored to hide the damage which is being done, until it is too late to resist.

Most of us will recall how we were bombarded with CCTV footage of a Malaysian student who was assaulted and then robbed by a gang who pretended they had come to his aid. From the carefully edited film, it appeared that those robbing him were white. However, now that nobody is still looking, and the case has come to court it transpires that most of those involved, including the person who actually assaulted the student, and the ones who pretended to come to his aid were non-white, but it was Reece Donovan, the single feral white "wigger" among the gang on whom the camera had focused.

Wannabe gangstas like Reece Donovan distort the true picture. It was recently revealed that 92% of gang rape suspects in London are non-white, which can be taken to suggest that 8% of the gangs committing rapes in London are white, not so, in fact those 8% are merely the feral white members of a small proportion of mixed race gangs.

The political nature of our country has changed as well in that we will almost certainly never again have an election in this country which is entirely free of third world style corruption. Many ghettos and heavily “colonised” parts of Britain are now as corrupt, if not worse, than any 18th Century Rotten Borough. There are boroughs in places such as London's tower hamlets, Bradford and Birmingham where there are streets upon streets of one and two bedroom properties with anything up to 30 names registered for postal votes.

Electoral fraud is rife in local government, and it is rumoured that at least one ethnic member of the current Westminster parliament holds their seat as a result of electoral fraud.

It can only get worse, how long will it before we are as corrupt as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya or Zimbabwe? We are after all importing their culture and their customs, and telling ourselves that they are somehow more worthy than our own.

One of the great myths of our age is that the alleged benefits of multiculturalism outweigh any downside. That claim would be laughable if its consequences were not so deadly.

As I have indicated in earlier articles there is a short term benefit for the very rich from an endless flow of easily replaceable cheap labour which forces down wage costs and disempowers the native workforce, who dare not strike or demand rights when they know they can be so easily replaces. However, even the super rich are now realising the gains are short term. If there is any satisfaction to be gained from this situation it is contemplating how much money those evil and cynical old men have lost in migrant blighted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Likewise as the crooked bunch of charlatans in parliament who thought they were importing a loyal new electorate, who would guarantee them permanent power, are beginning to discover in areas like the Islamic state of Tower Hamlets, the new arrivals vote on ethnic lines which is beginning to cost them votes.

As for the rest of us, we were told that immigrants would do the mythical “jobs which folk won't do”, however, we now find ourselves with a million of our youngsters unable to find work and that 56% of young black men are unemployed, which leads one to ask, if they are not doing the jobs white folk wont do, what are they here for?

We are told that immigration boosts our economy, yet our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been in and our once assured status as one of the worlds richest nations is becoming a fading memory as we plummet down the league.

Then there is the great lie that multiculturalism enriches our culture, whereas, in fact we have been impoverished by it. It has brought intolerance, it has brought fear and division, it has brought violence, abuse and and it has brought ugliness. It has fragmented communities, broken down families, forced us to accept politically correct lies as the new reality, it has taken away our faith, our pride, and for many it has taken away the love our forefathers once felt for this country.

And what have we gained? Do Calypso, mung beans and curry really compensate for what we have lost or for the many less appealing sides of Multiculturalism with which we are now, day after day, confronted.

In one of the earliest articles I ever wrote for the old Home of the Green Arrow site I said that Multiculturalism / diversity is not a buffet, you can not wander round the table selecting a few tasty morsels and leaving the less appetising offerings where they are. Its all or nothing. We can not select which parts of a person's culture, his beliefs and his views he can bring with him when he arrives at Heathrow or Dover, they will all travel with him, they will all stay with him and our community must bear the consequences.

If a man in Rawalpindi considers that women are worth half of a man, or that homosexuals should be executed, why would he think differently merely because he has moved to Rotherham?. If someone in Limpopo believes that medicine made with flesh cut from a live a screaming child will cure him of some ailment what is it about travelling to Liverpool that would change his mind? In the Congo, from where Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu originate children are routinely beaten within an inch of their lives and frequently tortured to death because people genuinely believe they are possessed by evil spirits and large numbers have now brought those beliefs to Britain, together with those practices.

When you welcome the world into your home, the world brings its baggage with it and, as we discover anew each day there are some very nasty contraband lurking in those bags. What we are seeing is just the beginning.