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Saturday, 4 June 2016

An ODE to the EU

An ODE to the EU

by D Sanson

The choice is looming
It's pretty near.
The ins promoting project fear.
The outs are growing day by day.
Not wanting ins to have their way.
Dodgy Dave is sweating now.
As Bart says,man don't have a cow.
Cause if we leave it will be hard,cause the EU destroyed our yard.
Rebuild we must after paper war.
Politicians know the real score.
Things are probably twice as bad.
Come on lads we all been had.
Other countries now treading water,
Economy's go to the slaughter.
Poor old Greece should not have joined,
F.U.C.K....E.D phrase coined.
Mrs Merkal nails digging deep "how DARE they Dave the bloody sheep.

How dare they try and stop the rot.
They really are a bastard lot.
Don't they know I rule the planet?
How's it happend?
Farage LOST Thanet.
Do something Dave or you are gone.
I'll kill them all I won't leave one.
Ok Ang calm down please.
I have a plan I have a wheeze.
I'll tell them all that bossers wife,
Is screwing round "that will cause some strife"
I'll say Farge is a naughty man,
Who doesn't even have a plan.
And as for Gove I'll tell em straight,
In meetings Ang he's always late.
And if my cunning plan don't work,
I'm gonna look a proper berk
I'll give you England and the rest.
You know for you I do my best.
So Ang in June it will be yours.
And UKers will know the scores.
By polling day they will vote stay.
I promise Ang you will have your way.

All my own "werk"

I'm an unintelligent outer