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Friday, 3 June 2016

David Cameron Another sick pervert in charge of a Nation

This shows a young naked David Cameron - almost drooling to be called to the bench to partake in the "Pigs Head" initiation into the Oxford Piers Gaveston dining society.

What’s all the fuss about a Prime Minister such as David Cameron sticking his private parts into the mouth of a dead "suckling" pig - as this type of thing is common practice by the elites and why you will find most world leaders would have too been initiated into some secret society or another and who too would have carried out a similar kind of depraved act and where in many cases the actual act is far more worse.

Following is an extract from Trapped in a Masonic World; Apparently the other main reason certain secret societies, clubs or gangs etc. have these kinds of gross forms of initiations is so that it helps them develop a strong bond with the others, knowing none of them would dare reveal what any of them had done in secret, and that it worked both ways knowing neither party would blackmail the other as they’re equally despicable.