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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Message in A Brexit to Sturgeon Gunpowder treason and Plot

 By Sanny Walker

Hi Nicola just a quick reminder

I was surprised that you have stated, your party will Veto the result of the EU Referendum.
Just to point out the requirements of the UK written and unwritten constitution.

Parliament is not permitted to go against the will of the people. Scotland is and always will be part of the UK, you cannot change that, as a second referendum will not happen.

A Scottish Referendum is not permitted under both English and Scottish law.

Any MP that refuses to accept the will of the people will lose their seat and can be charged with treason, they will also be barred from standing for office again, this is the law.

It would be best to change your stance or your party will lose all their seats, Parliament will be dissolved and a new General Election called. All successful PPC’s will have to swear to uphold the will of the people.

If you do not believe I am right, you have the necessary people that can check.

As we have voted to leave the EU, you are no longer an elected official, so can no longer be first minister.

By Sanny Walker