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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Letter To your MP Brexit Concerns

OK guys just read a super letter/email sent by Sam Rawland to an MP.
I think it only right we all copy and send to our own MP expressing our concerns on the lack of enthusiasm to get what 17 million voters requested our government to do and that was to leave the EU. Leeter below

With the recent referendum resulting in a Brexit i'd like to share my concern with various article and posts from the remain side and various media outlets, mainly sky and BBC! It's clear as day light that between various MP's that a potential block on the Brexit could ge on the cards?!
I voted leave and am so thankful that the majority of the British public haven't fallen for the scaremongering and properganda ranked down our throats from the bias media outlets!
I'm writing you this email to inform you that I will be holding back all my taxes, NI and VAT until article 50 has been implemented! I have real concerns about the transparency and integrity of british governments and MP's, yourself included after the fraudulent way the seat was won in south thanet!
I suggest you and your fellow MP's start to do what your paid to do! No brexit equals no taxes from me!
Kind regards
Please send to your MP soonest.