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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Like Chamberlin from Munich declaring Peace in our time , Article 50 delay


By The Horwich Nationalists 

Several days after the Excellent referendum result that declares to the world that we the British People want out of the tyrannical fascist super state The EU. We have started to see the pre positioned Place men namely Bungling Boris Johnson and Gove do a 180% turn and state there is no rush to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Something I did expect I must say . But the Tactic that has really thrown the cat amongst the  pigeons is the former Prime Minister David Cameron resigning message that article 50 will be invoked by his successor. Who undoubtedly will be Bungling Boris himself .  

This is exactly the insurance the globalist private central bankers, have put in place to secure there continuing  agenda of total world enslavement of Mankind to a debt ridden cashless society completely at there mercy , being they are the only one who controls the issuance of said cashless currency.  

Now what we believe to be in play by these Judas Iscariots . Is the attempt to buy time, so that after the election of Bungling Boris as the new leader of the Tory party, with no doubt Gove collecting his payment in the role of Chancellor. To go to the EU to negotiate the Brexit. But only to return like Chamberlin from Munich , declaring Peace in our time. And that a excellent deal has been brokered by alleged but strongly in reality in favour of the EU tyranny , Boris.  And that as the referendum was only advisory. We must now stay in in order to protect the British economy from the undoubted and DELIBERATE stock market collapses and inflation. And other malfeasant tricks they have up there sleeves to scare enough of the sheeple back into the fold. 

So what must we do , as the 1st round is won but it is a fight that will go the distance. We must rally to the support Nigel Farage in his call for a General Election now. In order to form a true government that represents all the people . And to remove the puppets of the Private central Bankers and undoubtedly deliberate traitors who now sit in Parliament . And we must help our Scots brothers and sisters to see what the Globalists SNP true marxist agenda of the destruction of the Scottish people and there nation.    

So by all means possible we must strike why the Iron is Hot we must put pressure on at Local and national level to call for a General Election and shine the Light of Truth on the Darkness at play in the high places in the halls of Power. Remember the very freedom that millions suffered and died for is at stake from the plots of men and women. Whom have sold there souls for the illusion of power and currency/money that has never really existed, Never mind pieces of silver!



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