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Friday, 24 June 2016

The Battle has been won! But not the war!

The Battle has been won! But not the war!
Call as loud and as vocal as possible for a General Election. Parliament need sweeping clean with a broom. The TRAITORS in place there will do all they can on behalf of there masters the private central bankers to scupper the vote.
As from today we are not members of the EU ,there dictates mean nothing and can be lawfully ignored.
But beware of Bungling Boris he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Pre positioned to betray. You must really around, Christ spiritually.
and Farage politically, the Old 3 parties WILL betray you. And they will use the divide and conquer trick , which has already started with the Arch Traitors in our Brave Scottish Nation, the SNP. The Scots who are the most cleverest of people in the world. Must wake up to the politics of envy of the SNP , playing the Scots and English off against one another and also in Wales the most ancient and noble of our nations the Plaid Cymru. 

In fact we must increase our efforts in preparing the populace for the coming deliberately collapsed economy, and the machinations of the political Globalist TRAITORS.
We must help and not deride our Scottish brother's and sisters , And help true Scottish and Welsh and Ulster patriots expose the true agenda if the of the Faux nationalists parties, who where created with one purpose alone to destroy that which they claim to represent. .They are truly wicked group of Globalist Marxist who wish for nothing more than the complete destruction if the Ancient people and Nations of these Isles. Only united in the British Union can all of our great Nation's survive.
So people of this Sacred isle's , be alert and be prepared Physically politicly and most of all spiritually, for the many more battles to come. For We Do , Face spiritual darkness in high places.