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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Brexit ,politics,EU,UKGeneral Election before Christmas

By Chjristopher Baska

The Prime Minister’s resignation is critical to delivering the outcome that 17 million voters have chosen and we all accept whoever is the new temporary Tory leader of whom we say must come from the Leave campaign.

However, we all believe there should be a formal role for Nigel as part of the negotiations, nobody understands the workings of the EU better than Nigel having experience as an MEP for many many years. Also if it was not for Nigel, we might not even be sitting here actually contemplating about formally leaving the EU.

We all say thank you to Boris, Gove, Patel and co for all their efforts in championing the official leave campaign however, Nigel has been passionately campaigning for this for nearly 25 years before people like Boris even dared put his head on the block. We also can’t underestimate how many voters leave gained due to Nigel’s passionate, unique, clear, factual and succinct style of campaigning and public speaking.

So it is imperative, should there be a General Election before Christmas, that us 17 million leave voters do our utmost best in informing everyone we know to vote UKIP in order to get the Government to carry out our wishes of leaving the EU or unfortunately we may suffer the consequences should one of the leaders of the two uncaring parties get back in to parliament.

The arrogance of the remain voters who think that if we have another referendum that they would win, they are basically telling the leave voters that we have no idea what we were doing by voting out and yet again treating us with utter contempt.

We have to remember Politicians have refused to listen to the majority on many issues especially on immigration and it has finally come back to bite them and they still are not getting the message

We sincerely do need to get some one who is passionate and cares for the people and country such as Nigel Farage of UKIP into parliament to look after our interests.