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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Answering Remainers on there Arguments for National Slavery

Original Post Michael Saska

Dear Remainders

I for one am unashamed for wanting to live, work and raise my children in an accountable democracy. For wanting transparency in how and where our taxes are spent. For wanting to remain outside of an unaccountable EU super state. For wanting a vote that means something. For wanting to trade with the wider world at our discretion. For wanting a dynamic and responsive economy. For wanting to avoid complete political (and eventually fiscal) union. For wanting indiscriminate, selective and controlled immigration of talent. For wanting to end the import and exploitation of cheap "human resource". For wanting those who earn the least to have a competitive chance.

To those few fools who consider all "outers" uneducated racist xenophobes who haven't done their homework or who can't think for themselves (presumably because we're all inferior, stupid and illiterate), read on ...

After Brexit we will still be free to live, work and travel anywhere we chose (we might just have to fill in a form or two). We can still feel European, because we are. We can still trade with the EU states (or EU super-state, your choice) but also with any nation in the world we elect to. Our economy will be successful because it will be free to be dynamic, reactive, responsive and inclusive. We can elect our representatives and our leaders but also relieve them of their duties when necessary. We can have a voice, we can be heard. We can account for how and where our taxes were spent. We can determine where inward investment is best directed. We can demand greater transparency of the system and the political classes. We can selectively import skills and talent without discrimination. We can demand investment in our children rather than stealing from the talent pool of our poorer neighbours. We can choose to bridge the gaping wealth chasm. We can continue to be compassionate, to provide refuge. We can control immigration so we can plan, balance and adjust.

We can not do all this by being increasingly absorbed into an EU super-state where our voice is like the lone heckler (even if he/she is a bit funny).

Immigration is an issue for some but it is not without reason. I hate to say it to you if this is you, but the wealthier you are, the more removed from the negative effects of cheap labour immigration you are and the greater the benefits. Private education insulates your children from oversized classes, private health expedites your cure, importing cheap labour maximises your profits by suppressing wages whilst reducing your private expenditure. Housing pressures fatten your rents and accelerate your capital investment returns. Tax efficiency swells your offshore bank accounts but hampers state investment in the services and infrastructure you unwittingly rely on and is needed as a result of population growth. Circumstance of birth and/or professional qualification ensures your income, articulates your thoughts, enables you to "spin" a narrative, steer media message and apparently anoint you with greater wisdom and the moral high ground.

The resulting Brexit message that has been cleverly crafted and spun has been absorbed into the psyche of many all too easily. "Outers are racists fighting against inevitable change, their ill informed decision has hobbled the nations youth and killed the economy." It's shameful, it's nonsense, it's cheap, it is demoralising a generation and it has terrified our resident EU friends, neighbours and colleagues.

We Brexiteers don't expect total agreement, that is not how a free thinking society functions, but we do ask that those with eyes shut and ears tuned only to channel spin pause for a moment and consider "could there more to Brexiteer thinking than I am being told?".

Just perhaps, it is you, the Remainder, who should drop the prejudice, do the research, do the maths, do some independent thinking and get with the real message ... It is time to work together, to be free to build a genuinely inclusive nation that is dynamic, modern, caring, cosmopolitan, tolerant, vibrant, whole and truly successful.

Nobody said it would be easy.

I thought this excellent in answering all their doubts.