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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


By CK Basca 


Several pro-EU MPs imagine they can just ignore the result of the referendum if they lose. Who do these people think they are?

Some politicians seem to have forgotten that their mandate comes from the people. Rather than citizen lawmakers who take their orders from the voters, they're behaving like seventeenth-century princelings with a divine right to rule.

Be in no doubt: Leave means Leave. Whatever happens in the referendum, the Government will have to abide by the result.

But this episode is revealing. It lays bare the contempt Europhile elites feel for democracy.

The ruling classes think they know what's best for the rest of us. That's why they like to centralise power in unaccountable bureaucracies like the European Commission.

Brussels gives politicians who've lost the people's trust – think Peter Mandelson – the opportunity to rule us without tiresome nuisances like elections.

Now the elites are panicking, as this desperate stitch-up attempt testifies. From the Prime Minister down, they're realising voters aren't buying their fraudulent fearmongering.

Across Britain, people are starting to see that they don't have to be ruled by the crony corporatist cartel that presided over the Eurozone debt disaster and the migrant crisis. Britain really can do better.

This referendum is Britain's one chance to break free from the Euro-oligarchy. On June 23rd, we can take back democratic control from our incompetent overlords. Let's put the princeling pretenders back in their place.