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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


A superb video that states what is actually at stake in the Brexit in the EU referendum. Only a couple of days to the vote. There is no excuse, everyone who can vote should VOTE LEAVE. 

Here's my article: EU 'Law' Is Not Our Law - VOTE LEAVE


EU 'Law' Is Not Our Law - VOTE LEAVE

Keep your liberties and your right to hold those in government accounatble and GET OUT of the EU

In the Coronation Oath the monarch promises God to serve the people according to His Law.
Hence, under the British constitution we have the principle: 'The King must not be under man but under God and under the law, because the law makes the king' (Bracton - 13th century).
Thus, under the British constitution, which has taken over a thousand years and hundreds of thousands of deaths to establish, we have the RULE OF LAW - that means in Great Britain no one, not even the king, is beyond the law.
The upshot of this is a stable nation with deep roots in justice - a powerful nation, as history can testify.
Meanwhile, the principle that governs the EU is anathema to our law, anathema to our constitution and anathema our culture. The EU is governed according to the Justinian principle: 'What pleases the prince has the force of law.'
In other words, the EU is a dictatorship run according to the whims of 'the prince', whoever that 'prince' might be.
Thus, under the EU what the 'prince' says goes, and can never be beyond the law, because the 'prince' makes up the law as he sees fit. Think of Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others created by the very same forces that created the EU and think of how much they followed the stable and secure law that governs our nation.
As Paul Craig Roberts says in this interview about the EU and why we should get out of it , 'The British fought for centuries to take law as a weapon out of the hands of the government and make it a shield of the people. The most important part of British history is the creation of liberty by transforming law from a weapon in the hands of government into a shield that protects the people .'
So, hand our national sovereignty over to the EU and you not only deliver our nation into the hands of an arbitrary internationalist power, you dismiss the centuries of courage and suffering endured by millions of British men and women so that you may be free from the 'prince'.
And don't forget, that EU 'prince' does not like you or your nation or your culture. Nor does that 'prince' like liberty and your means to keep government in check through the law.
So, if you want to throw away our Common Law constitution that protects us and our culture against the 'prince' and his unstable and random government, go ahead and vote remain.
But if you want rule of law, stability and liberty, and if you want the blood of your forefathers to have any meaning at all, VOTE LEAVE - GET OUT OF THE EU!