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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cameron the Great Dictator

Cameron the Dictator

Who does David Cameron think he is? Following hot on the heels of war-crimes liar “Adolf” Blair, it is now becoming more than obvious that Cameron, too, thinks he is a Supreme Dictator who can scoff at the constitution, dismiss democracy as a nuisance to his private plans, ignore the British voters completely and insist that the words which issue from his mouth must instantly become the New Law of the Land.

On Wednesday 7 September, Herr Cameron and the utterly unelected Supreme President of Europe Herman Goering – I’m sorry, I mean Herman Van Rompuy; wrong name, same politics – held a sinister plotting meeting at 10 Downing Street in order to secure their beloved European Axis from the threat of democratic voting by the electorate.

The Axis leaders are evidently petrified of the idea that the British people be allowed a referendum about staying in, or quitting, the European Union. Obviously, the greatest threat to Europe and its Reich Commisars is a population’s freedom to vote, because there is a chance the result will not be to the liking of the Reich. (“Reich” being merely the German word for “Empire”, it seems to be the most suitable, factual and realistic term to apply to the European Union in the form into which it has mutated since inception.)

This Axis conference was mainly engendered by the rapidly increasing numbers of formerly meekly obedient Conservative SS officers – sorry again, I mean Tory MPs (“SS”, of course, stands for “Sordid Sychophants”) – who are now dimly realizing that Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union is likely to be the absolute ruination of our once independent, once self-governed, once prosperous and once democratic country where the voters were allowed to choose who made their laws.

In response to some 80 Tory Members of Parliament who have urged Herr Cameron to do the decent (and legal) thing by holding the long-promised national referendum on whether or not Britain should be part of the European Super State, the Fuehrer (German for “Leader”: an apt title for Cameron) instructed his spineless underlings that – and I quote – “There is no case for such a vote… I don’t see the case for an in-out referendum on Europe. We are IN Europe!” (reference: Daily Mail 8/9/11).

The Leader has spoken! The entire voting population of Britain must accept that a European referendum is against the Great Dictator’s will – and, like all other Supreme Dictators in history who banned proper democratic voting by their people (including the ones in the Middle East that Britain’s equally undemocratic government has hypocritically assisted in deposing and executing) his orders must be obeyed without question at all times… Where, I wonder, have the British People heard this said before? (Quote: “Whatever you do, don’t mention the war”—Basil Fawlty).