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Friday, 2 September 2011

Radio RWB Special Report on Tonight’s World at 8

Special Report on Tonight’s World at 8

On tonight’s show. High Court Enforcement Officers visit Nick Griffin’s House; Romac Press employees lose jobs after non payment of £44,000 printing bill; Greek finance minister has criticized a report on the economy; and news from Libya. All this and more on Britain’s premier nationalist radio station.

High Court Enforcement Officers have attended Nick Griffin’s house seeking assets in lieu of party debts this morning. According to reports, Mr Griffin refused to come out and has sent his wife out to negotiate with the sheriff. The police are now in attendance to help with the enforcement.

Nine employees of Romac Press in Belfast were today made unemployed when the company officially closed down, brought to its knees by the non-payment of a £44,000 printing bill incurred by Nick Griffin. The company’s owner, David Sloane, bravely refused an offer of payment by Mr Griffin which would have entailed him becoming part of a criminal conspiracy to frame Richard Barnbrook into a bankruptcy case.

In European news, the Greek finance minister has criticized a report on the economy which said Greece was likely to miss its budget targets this year due to months of delays in implementing austerity measures and a deeper than expected recession. The Minister issued a statement on Thursday saying that the newly-created parliamentary panel which issued the document lacked the “knowledge, experience and responsibility” needed to compile reports on macroeconomic and fiscal prospects.

In world news, after NATO forces move out of the North African state, Libya may become a “puppet” state under the sway of international energy companies seeking swift access to the country’s oil, experts believe. While a contact group comprising 60 countries met yesterday in Paris to discuss the future of post-Gaddafi Libya, Almond, an international relations expert from the Oxford University, doubts the NATO will move out of Libya after the new regime is established and Colonel Gaddafi caught.

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Presenter John Walker
Reporter James North