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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Free Movement of Labour and the Destruction of Nations

Free Movement of Labour and the Destruction of Nations

By Southwest Nationalist.

We’ve all seen the headlines, foreign workers occupying most of Britain’s new jobs.

And, who can have missed the almost religious zeal with which those in charge have tried to create a multicultural society, importing people by the million, watching as birth rates and population spirals out of control.

“White flight” too, as the indigenous seek to leave heavily colonised areas, or in many cases the country – which in turns hastens our walk towards overall minority in our own land.

Is employment and the free movement of labour actually being used as a part of this, to create diverse and disparate societies, and with a bigger purpose in mind?

Think on it for a moment. We see Britons unable to get jobs, and foreigners coming here to take British jobs.

In some instances, most recently Poland, this leads to a decline in that country’s population, and a possible shortage of people to work.

Britons, desperate to leave Britain, where we’re seeing wages held at low levels whereas the cost of living is spiralling out of control, go and seek work – or retirement, or escape – elsewhere.

Those foreigners here for jobs, well, some will leave – but most do not. They establish themselves, marry – perhaps to a Briton, buy homes, have families etc. They put down roots.

The racial demographic of a society is utterly transformed, both short and long term, by those who came to a nation seeking work.

Our own people leave our nations, foreign people come to our nations.

Britain, and a few other EU nations, may be the magnets of choice for foreign workers currently, but when that changes it will do little, our population makeup will already have been changed forever.

We will, by virtue of the free movement of labour, become more diverse – aka White British will have become more of a minority in Britain – and that will not reverse simply because we cease to be a jobs magnet, for example due to a major recession, removal of benefits, or stricter employment laws.

Tomorrow it will be another countries turn to experience this mass influx, perhaps one of those nations who today is busily exporting workers to us at an alarming rate.

That’s fairly inevitable. As their workforce pool diminishes, workers will be in demand, workers from other nations will seek to take advantage of that.

Diversity is created under the cloak of free movement of labour, it’s a tool for the engineering of societies whilst attempting to maintain the illusion that it’s of economic benefit to the nation and that it is happening by the free will of peoples.

If one wanted to utterly transform the racial makeup of a nation, and not just a single nation but, for example, every nation in the EU, then why not create freedom of movement and freedom of work rules between those nations?

Economics and demand for labour would eventually take care of the rest, in some instances far faster than others.

Nations would eventually be ruined as their jobs markets become saturated with, or experience a deficit of, workers, and those nations experiencing mass influxes stagger under the burden of an un-manageable population, but the result would be diversity.

And, each ‘collapse’ in individual nations would trigger a wave of migration from that nation.

One would create artificial migrations of people between nations, and thus create diverse, disparate societies in each of those nations.

Yes, there would be suffering, but for diversity obsessed bureaucrats, would that matter if they could achieve their goal of transforming societies into the multiracial, multicultural ideal?

All societies who were part of this bloc would eventually lose their own identity as a result, and the only commonality people within that society would have is their nation’s membership of this bloc.

Wouldn’t that suit the EU down to the ground? The only tie between peoples would be the EU, and also the cherished goal of diversity would be achieved.

They would, effectively, have succeeded in merging all of our nations into one nation, or states of one nation, removing the national identity and the people who made each individual nation a nation in its own right.

Given a few centuries indigenous races would cease to exist in any significant numbers, there’d be no national or racial identity whatsoever, not a single bond to hold nations together, other than their membership of the bloc.

They’d have their one ‘super’ nation because the individual nations would have nothing left which made them stand apart, they’d have no choice but to be tied to that central authority, diversity and the lack of any internal national cohesion ensures it.

The stuff of conspiracy theories? Or just some careful planning on their part which we see coming to fruition around us now?

We can at least say that, even if the side effects of free movement are unintended, they are certainly beneficial for those running the EU show.

Is it really possible that something so convenient for a few, so in accordance with their aims of creating a superstate peopled by the diverse, and so monumental, can have happened by accident?