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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Labour’s Immigration Idiocy to be Laid Bare

Labour’s Immigration Idiocy to be Laid Bare

By Southwest Nationalist.

A previously-hidden collection of five studies on immigration, commissioned by the Labour Party, are finally to see the light of day which will reveal the truth about Britain’s colonisation and the myth of “economic benefits.”

The reports, already leaked to the Telegraph, the snippets which they have published are already a savage indictment of let ‘em all in Labours abject failings on immigration, and raise many questions about why they chose to conceal the truth from us.

Among revelations in the documents aired by the Telegraph, we find the conclusion that immigrants to Britain are more likely to be out of work than the native population, and far less likely to engage in any form of “civic participation”.

Also, more than one third of London’s population has been born outside of the UK. One third of those living in our capital! And the politicians have the gall to tell us that we are not being colonised?

Migrants from Bulgaria and Romania are shown to be more likely to have four or more children – colonisation by the cradle again, placing huge strain on education, NHS, and the welfare state.

As with recent figures which have shown Poland’s population decline whilst the number of Poles in Britain increase, the reports show that the population of both Bulgaria and Romania also declined between 2004 to 2010. Need we tell you that at the same time the number of Bulgarians and Romanians in the UK increased astronomically?

Unsurprisingly, the obvious also happened – unemployment levels in Bulgaria and Romania fell, whereas in the UK they increased. Who could have guessed that is what will happen when you have too many people chasing too few jobs?

On which note, also shown by the reports, is the fact that Bulgarians and Romanians were more likely to claim unemployment benefits than either native Brits or other migrants groups in Britain.

And, what is the best that Labour can manage to say on the issue? Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper admits that Labour “got things wrong” on immigration.

Admitting you “got things wrong” is all fine and dandy, even though it is a huge understatement and does absolutely nothing to repair the damage which has been done to Britain.

Saying you should have done it differently, great help to us.

What are the Labour party going to do in order to undo and reverse the nightmare of mass immigration and overpopulation, along with the burdens that places on all of our critical services and national infrastructure?

Nothing, that’s what. You got it wrong, and we’re expected to live with it for ever more.

Many believe that Labour didn’t get it wrong by accident, there was design there. Whatever the truth, the Labour legacy is an overcrowded nation flooded with immigrants, and it is a legacy which – despite Cameron’s tough talking – ConDem has carried on.

Getting it wrong just doesn’t cut it one bit, politicians seem to get it wrong all too often, and it is always us and Britain left paying the price.

Instead of just holding up hands with a weak “we got it wrong” and not even the decency to offer a true apology, how about admitting to the full extent of just how you got it wrong, the damage which that has caused, and then actually doing something that will put it right for once?

No, of course not, your wrongs are something the rest of us will be paying the price of for a long time, and you’ll just expect us to lump it and accept a half hearted semi apology in the way of penitence.

Our society has been changed forever as a result of your getting it wrong, and the process of change is ongoing – and it isn’t change for the better.

Labour was, and is, a disaster for Britain – and sadly, as we are finding out currently, Tory and Liberal are no better.

Not only have all of them got it wrong, they all continue to get it wrong. We can see with our own eyes that Britain and Britain’s future is not safe in any of their hands.

Whichever of them is in power Britain will continues its journey towards overpopulated and colonised land, and by way of an excuse we’ll get no more than a “we got things wrong” from the lot of them.

Many times we don’t even get that feeble excuse though, normally it’s point at one of the other parties and tell us that “they got it wrong”.

As they make excuses and trade blame, and do nothing in the way of fixing things, the colonisation of our Britain continues.