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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The new World order and Britain’s Subjugation

Britain’s Subjugation

By Rex Poulton

The following list is far from exhaustive. But it serves to demonstrate the stealth and trickery employed to impose upon us policies and events that we did not ask for and would not have asked for but which we sheepishly accept under the guise of “reasonable necessity due to circumstance” – and for our own “safety and security”.

Over time, we have endlessly sleepwalked our way into all of these. But do you not see a pattern emerging here? Isn’t it really about subjugation? They were not conceived to make us feel better. The British people might whine and complain for a bit but if you leave them long enough, they’ll come to accept whatever you do to them and then you’re on to the next item to be put into effect. It is a creeping cancer.

The previously circulated letter about the insidious metrication of Britain appears not to have raised any response so far. Many will doubtless say that metrication is purely intended to ensure that everybody in Europe benefits in singing from the same hymn sheet; that there are business and scientific reasons why it should happen.

But that is precisely why it is so imperative that Britain (and the United States) should succumb to it. A great many people see it in that other light – as yet another means of making sure British people (and the U.S.) fall in line with the rest of the world by way of indoctrination and subjugation toward (in our case) European rule and eventually, global governance. That is not possible if we all speak differently and use different terms and values. So we have to be brought into line. Just as the Irish were when they eventually voted the “right” answer to the Lisbon Treaty.

Britain’s metrication is no more than just another tool to reduce everybody in the country to the same level as everybody else. It is all about common unity. One common level. Serfdom. So that all of Europe will have acquiesced and will be ready for the next step. Totalitarianism. We are not that far away. The intended abolition of Sterling currency by Eurostar on its trains is simply another step in that direction. There is an arrogance and dictatorship about their plan to ban Sterling and impose the Euro on trains that are essentially British. These people will keep on slyly attempting to make us European until we finally submit to their demands. Not that they have any right to do so. The metrication lobby will not go away until we give in. Our own government will see to that because they’re all in it up to their necks. How many of them I wonder, are Bilderburgers and Common Purpose graduates ?

So if we have any sense at all, metrication is to be avoided like the plague. At ANY cost. Whether we deem it in any way beneficial or not (for Britain, I firmly believe it a backward step but I recognise that some do not agree). If Britain is to survive in any fashion whatsoever, we absolutely cannot afford to embrace metrication. Just as we have to ensure that Sterling is accepted currency around the world. Once one slips, the others closely follow in being lost for all time. The Irish have already accepted the Euro and the Lisbon Treaty. What next then, for Britain? When will our Armed Forces be whittled down beyond capability even to protect our own shores without calling in EU Forces? Let me tell you. They’re already here. Why did our own police not recognise units taking part against the London rioters? When will our English language be banned? Our driving on the left? Our use of 240 volts mains electricity? Our “special” relationship with the United States? Some already consider anti-EU campaigning illegal.

For Britain to be a self-governing, free, world-trading nation as it has always been, the present political parties have to be removed and replaced with one that actually stands for and truly represents the British people, their rights and aspirations, their values and standards. The current pro-English/ British/ Nationalist organisations simply are not achieving what they were set up to do. In 20, even 40 years’ time, they still will not have achieved it. Why? Because they are separate, small groups working incredibly hard to increase their independent memberships but in my view, losing focus on the real issue – regaining our country.

The only way of taking control of our country is to unite and to make the electorate fully (and repeatedly) aware of our presence, our unwavering purpose, our size, our sincerity, our doggedness, our total conviction in truth and honesty – our mission, which we all meaningfully accept. Until we get positively serious about our country and truly mean what we say, we will not succeed. But we will succeed in losing our country. Because Lib/ Lab/ Con have had years to practice and hone their arrogance, lies and deceit and their money generating abilities. We all know that whomever you vote for, the only difference is the faces. We currently face a “three party” dictatorship. And we have to outwit, out-think and out-policy them to ensure their being outvoted. And we can do that only if we stand together. As one. One voice, one party, one organisation. Else we’ll never be big enough to attract the voting public, let alone get them to join us. They’ll not join a small “going nowhere” party. But they will join a large “going to the top” party. I’m sure you get the message.

Here is the list. These things are not for our benefit, but somebody else’s. One way or another, our money is used to fund all of these things to our detriment. We blindly pay for it and we blindly accept it all. Whether you like it or not, we are being subjugated – using our own money. For what? Well, it’s not for Britain’s survival. How do you suppose your children will see things when we hand them what is left of our country? And what about their children? What sort of life will they have?

You’ll be able I’m sure, to add more items that I have overlooked.

Impending EU total control over Britain (85% of our laws are already of EU origin).

Substantial cross-European/ African/ Asian/ Middle Eastern/ Eastern European immigration to Britain obliged under EU ruling.

The swamping of Britain with immigrants such that it can no longer sustain the numbers of people living here.

Metrication of our former Sterling currency (in 1971). On the face of it “simpler” but opportunity for noticeable price hikes and planned future conversion to the European system.

The pan-European Euro and its likely compulsory use in Britain to bring us into line with the rest of the overbearing EU.

The blind eye to Islam and Sharia even by the Church, toward potential Islamification of our country.

Imposed multiculturalism and its supremacy over British rights and British people.

Political correctness that forbids anything said against other creeds, cultures and foreign values and standards when ours are belittled, betrayed and open to attack.

Obliged “tolerance” and acceptance of everybody and everything worldwide so not to offend anybody.

Involvement in world banking that seriously threatens our own financial security when others fail to manage their own affairs.

Giving £8.4 billion in foreign aid every year (£950 million to Libya alone) and the swingeing cuts in everything in Britain and to our Armed Forces to help pay for it.

The great global warming scam (scientists now predict global cooling) and the creeping taxation and vast expenditure for no other reason than a natural Earth cycle.

EU imposed ban on 100 watt and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs – simply because they decide.

The enforcement of speed camera trickery to raise billions and to criminalise the population when many serious crimes (including those of immigrants) go unattended.

Enforced but unnecessary draconian traffic control measures potentially to raise billions in fines.

Political blindness leading toward making paedophilia and sexual exploitation acceptable.

Failure to uphold the rights and indigenous privileges of British people in their own country.

Proposals for identity cards, DNA (with fingerprint and facial geometrics) databases, payment of vast sums for the European Galileo navigation system destined to double as a tracking/ surveillance system.

Present and future developments in communications surveillance including all telephone/ cell phone, e-mail, internet and such systems so that our thoughts and conversations are known.

Mounting numbers of surveillance cameras in towns and cities ostensibly for our safety on the streets but with the massive potential for the “1984 Syndrome”.