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Friday, 30 September 2011

Margaret Hodge ,Immigration Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy

Margaret Hodge (née Oppenheimer): Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy

Within 24 hours, we have seen the Leader of the Labour Party and the Shadow Home Secretary criticizing the Labour government for its stance on immigration and now… we see none other than multibillionaire Margaret Hodge coming out with guns blazing criticizing Labour’s stance on immigration and taking the clothes of the British National Party. I don’t assume that Margaret Hodge could have said what she is saying now when she campaigned in Barking and Dagenham.

She says now “I think Labour should stop talking numbers. We should set up a system that allows a fairer allocation of limited resources because we have to have some form of rationing. There needs to be a system that gives some recognition to the length of time that someone has lived in the community when it comes to resources such as housing.”

Well, Margaret Hodge, welcome to the British National Party Manifesto. Should we remind Margaret Hodge who were the people that lived in Barking and Dagenham for the longer length of time before her political party opened the floodgates of immigration?

She then somehow contradicts herself and says ‘immigrant numbers are simply a result of globalisation and people will come here, one way or another’. Bitte, Frau Oppenheimer. Das ist nicht richtig! Wir sagen “it is up to the British people to decide who lives in Britain and who doesn’t. Don’t use Globalisation as an excuse to implement your policies of colonisation. It is up to the British people to decide who comes here and who doesn’t.

Has Margaret Hodge also forgotten how she managed to win the 2010 Barking and Dagenham Election? There is a BBC recording where we heard her saying something like ‘if they win, they will carry you on airplanes and throw you into the sea’. I don’t remember any of the so called free media or any member of the so called mainstream political parties or of the so called politically correct society criticizing what she said that in my view is nothing less than gross incitement to violence.

She goes even further and says ‘the amount of support I received from people in my constituency was extraordinary. The amount of open support I received from Westminster was zilch’. Well, what kind of support she was talking about? Did she need any support?

In terms of financial support, I don’t think Margaret Hodge needs any more money than the money she already has. In terms of political support, she had several para-political organizations, including the BBC, working for her. In terms of constituent numbers the woman that said that she didn’t need any white working class had more than enough non-white working class to help her, facilitated by flood immigration that started as soon as the Labour party became government in 1997.

Phoney candidate Margaret Hodge now criticizes both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party saying that they had a phoney war about numbers. She only mentioned housing and she conveniently forgot to mention the Welfare State that is the main attraction for Globalised mass migration.

As Baroness Shreela Flather denounced just a few days ago, immigration is a business for unscrupulous Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and others that use Polygamy as an excuse to milk the welfare state by having several wives claiming benefits and housing as single mothers. We should find out about Barking and Dagenham and about many of Margaret Hodge’s constituents.

I wouldn’t call ethnic cleansing ‘a result fo Globalisation’. I would call it a result of organized crime committed by a Labour government that used the Welfare State for its own political ends. Those who have lived in Britain for longer have been persecuted and called ‘racists, nazis, fascists and bigots’ simply because they have tried to stand up for their own rights.

Labour brought in the so called ‘Positive Discrimination’ and as a consequence of ‘Positive Discrimination’ entire communities have been decimated and more than 80 per cent of all jobs created in Britain in recent years have ended up in foreign hands. So, what? Has Frau Oppenheimer suddenly seen the light?

Stemcor, her family company, was the world’s largest privately owned steel-trading corporation with an annual turnover of £6.28 billion in 2008. When the Labour Party was in the red, she could have lifted the Labour Party out of debt single-handedly and it would have been pocket money for her. Did she? No, she didn’t. She pursued her own interests in ‘business dealings’ in Barking and Dagenham and elsewhere. Eine grosse Scheiße diese Frau ist!

Carlos Cortiglia