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Monday, 19 September 2011

It’s not racist when they say it

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Written by The Pilgrim

racistsign_160_x_214The Bible condemns hypocrisy. In fact the words hypocrite and hypocrisy occur fourteen times in Matthew’s Gospel alone. Sadly though, the message does not always get through to our enemies.

Take the Stalinist trade unions for example. It has just been announced that Britain’s first free school for Muslims has been approved. Free schools are state-funded schools which are exempt from the national curriculum and also free from local authority interference. They are not permitted to be exclusive – except regarding gender - but may select up to fifty percent of pupils on such grounds as religious affiliation.

While there is doubtless a lot to be said for the idea of free schools, this particular free school has caused some controversy. Simon Jones, national executive member for the anti-British National Union of Teachers, has been quoted as saying: “It will further undermine much of the progress towards community cohesion. We are on our way to a completely segregated schooling system. It is going to develop potential social problems in the future.

A similar view has been expressed by Councillor David Foster, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in that borough and a Methodist local preacher: “In my view we shouldn't have any religious schools of any faith. One of the problems in Blackburn is the segregation of communities.

Of course these views are not racist, because they were not made by patriots. I am sure that readers of this site will appreciate that subtlety. While I am not opposed to Muslims being taught apart from British children, I would prefer it if they were taught in a non-Muslim school. There have been instances in recent years of British teenagers being bullied by Muslim teenagers in non-segregated schools, made worse in many cases by a failure of the school staff to take appropriate action.

Nevertheless, allowing Muslims to have their own school is not necessarily a step in the right direction. Such a school will be only as good as what is taught there. For example, will pupils be given lessons in how to avoid prosecution for homicide? Or perhaps they will be given lessons in how to avoid being prosecuted for rape? One thing I am confident about is that this school will become a Muslim ghetto. It will not be allowed to exclude non-Muslim boys, but can you see any non-Muslim families trying to get their sons into such a school? Would you?

A related news item is that the noted Jewish scientist Lord Winston has spoken out about the dangers posed by immigrants in the NHS. He claims that he is not racist for speaking out, and of course we all agree. As a supporter of the Labour Party, he cannot be a racist, can he? Of course if either Andrew Brons or Richard Barnbrook had dared to say the same thing (and they may have done) then it would either be not reported in the press, or else reported in a negative light.

While we can admire Lord Winston for highlighting the problem, we cannot commend his failure to address the root cause of the problem. He maintains that “the solution ultimately is to negotiate better with Europe”. He is wrong. The solution ultimately is to tell the EU to stuff itself, and then jail the traitorous politicians who surrendered our sovereignty.