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Friday, 7 May 2010

Virgin Terrority in Bolton a Good BNP Showing

Virgin territory in Bolton Local Elections A Good BNP Showing!

from a completely flat start the Bolton British National Party team have done very well in virgin territory for the party. 

With all 4 candidates getting over 420 votes each, It makes an optimistic reading,

With the candidate in Westhoughton Richard Bates getting a fine result it appears that the Liberal democrat vote in his ward was squeezed.

In Tonge with Haulgh the Lovely Dorothee Sayers nearly drove the Liberals into 4th place, showing again that the Liberals were squeezed and that Labour votes that should have gone to the BNP were lost only through the fear of a Tory victory, a sad fact of the old party system.

In Horwich North East a very low profile campaign in unbelievably virgin territory By Ivan Cooper showed a very optimistic result, once again the liberals lost their sitting councillor to the Labour Mob, showing fear of the Tories squeezed the liberals and affected our vote!

The final excellent result in the same type of territory as Horwich was for Anthony Backhouse in the  Smithills ward put the Greens into last place, a good result Anthony. 

We at the Horwich BNP supporters feel that, although  people voted in the Mi grandad and his Whippet voted Labour to keep the Tories out mentality, played a major role in the elections, the foundations have been laid for the British National party to make gains in the uncolonised areas of Bolton. The work towards a breakthrough in Bolton must begin in Bolton ASP, as their will be another general election before 18 months to 2 years we believe, and with a good showing 1st time out in virgin territory we must only conclude that Bolton will soon have BNP councillors and at least a chance of a MP!
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