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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Is Jamaica: Britain’s Future ?

Jamaica: Britain’s Future 

Author: Dave Yorkshire |

For several days now, Kingston, Jamaica has been the battleground for what is nothing short of a mini-civil war between the Jamaican police and armed forces on one side and Jamaica’s gangs on the other. So far, there have been over 70 confirmed deaths during the fighting, with more to come (the government are trying to cover up the amount of civilian deaths), and civilians have been evacuated from several areas of Kingston. War broke out when police acted on an extradition order by the US for gang warlord and drug baron Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. Three police stations have also been attacked and Prime Minister Bruce Golding has declared a state of emergency.

On the surface, it’s a simple case of criminal gangs versus the state law enforcement authorities, but all is not what it seems. Coke is the head of ‘The Shower Posse’, an ultra-violent bunch of drug-dealers and traffickers and one of the biggest gangs in Jamaica. He also happens to be based in the very heart of PM Golding’s constituency. This is no coincidence. These criminal gangs were set up in the 1970s by the rivalling Labour Party and People’s National Party, being used to intimidate and kill their rivals. Golding, the leader of the Labour Party, had resisted the US’s extradition order for nine months before caving in. Coke’s father, Lester ‘Jim Brown’ Coke, was a founder member of ‘The Shower Posse’ and mysteriously died in a fire whilst in police custody awaiting extradition to the US in 1992. Both father and son have been noted to have intimate knowledge of political corruption in Jamaica, and Golding himself was described in a US governmental report to be a ‘known criminal affiliate’ of the younger Coke.

‘What has all this to do with Britain?’ I hear you cry. Well, ‘The Shower Posse’, like all big businesses either semi-legal or criminal, is a globalist organisation, and has branches in the USA, Canada and, of course, Britain. During turf wars in America in the 80s and 90s, yardie gangs were responsible for over 1000 deaths, before stricter immigration laws reduced the problem. Yardie crime has escalated in Britain so much due to unrestricted immigration that it is now difficult to obtain government figures. In 2001, the figure for gun crimes attributed to yardie gangs was 4019. One only has to imagine what the figures are now.

In 2002, a senior superintendent with Jamaica's Special Branch, Tony Hewitt said: ‘More and more of the criminals of the Jamaican gangs are going to the UK. It seems that every time you search for a man, you hear that he is in England.’ It is currently speculated that Coke himself fled to Britain before the siege of his Tivoli home broke out.

This particular incident in Jamaica will also have ramifications in Britain. Should Coke be caught, there will be a power vacuum in the Jamaica-Britain drug trafficking industry, which inevitably means a bloody battle for control between rival gangs and internal disputes as the pecking order re-establishes itself. What we are seeing on the streets of Jamaica could be a reality on the streets of Britain sooner than you think.

In any case, this is the long-term future for Britain. The Jamaican politicians created the gangs they are now seeking to control or wipe out. One looks at the government-sponsored UAF and its fanatical violence aimed at real (as opposed to pretended) political opposition and realizes that British politics are following the same course of history as those of Jamaica.

As a last thought, and perhaps of particular interest to our American cousins that use this website, is that Golding used the law company Manatt, Phelps and Phillips to fight Coke’s extradition by the US government. Charles Manatt, the founder of the firm that has represented such global mega-corporations as Coca-Cola and Yahoo! and concentrates on finance and banking law, is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the Democrat Party’s king-makers, who is apparently on friendly terms with the Obamas. His daughter Michele was a White House Drugs Policy Office official. Make of that what you will.
Drug Baron seeks political asylum in Britain.