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Friday, 21 May 2010

A Case Study in How the LabConDem “Immigration” System Allows the World’s Scoundrels to Parasite off the British Taxpayer

Bushra Ferozdin Butt: A Case Study in How the LabConDem “Immigration” System Allows the World’s Scoundrels to Parasite off the British Taxpayer

The shocking case of Pakistani national Bushra Ferozdin Butt, wanted in her home country on murder charges but living in Britain on £1,300 per month benefits, is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the LabConDem immigration system.
Ms Butt is wanted in Pakistan for murder after allegedly killing her husband by burning him to death. She was arrested and spent ten months in jail awaiting trial. When she was released on bail, she fled to Britain, where she had previously resided for nine years.
That period of residence in Britain ensured that she has permanent leave to remain in our country, and consequently she draws benefits equivalent to a British person earning £22,000 per year.
According to news reports, Ms Butt draws £330.70 a week in council tax and housing benefit. She arrived in Britain in September 2009, which means that she has already earned £11,243.80 courtesy of the British taxpayer.
Interviewed by a daily newspaper in her flat in Luton, Ms Butt declared that she was not working because she has depression.
“I go to the bank every two weeks and get my benefits. It is all very good. I like this country very much. It is better here than Pakistan. I get [sic] benefit for housing and my illness.”
How is it possible that a person born in Pakistan, wanted for murder in that country, can live in Britain drawing benefits which total more than what many ordinary working British people earn in a year?
Ms Butt is in fact not doing anything illegal. She is merely following the guidelines laid down by successive governments with regard to immigration law in Britain.
Anyone, from anywhere, who has “indefinite leave to remain” in Britain, even if they are not citizens or have never paid into the social welfare system, qualify for benefits.
This state of affairs, more than anything else, shows precisely how badly the British people have been betrayed by Tory and Labour regimes.
There is not another nation on earth which would allow itself to be so brutally abused in this manner, and certainly not Pakistan.
Only the British National Party would address this ongoing problem, and it is to that end that the party is redoubling its outreach efforts to the public.