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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Labour Election Fraud Causes Barking Council By-Election

Press Statement: Labour Election Fraud Causes Barking Council By-Election

Election fraud committed by the Labour Party has forced its newly-elected for the Goresbrook Ward in Barking to resign and force a by-election.
The ward previously held by British National Party GLA member Richard Barnbrook, was contested by the Labour candidate while he was still a council employee. Such open party allegiance is forbidden under council rules.

The Labour candidate's employment record was uncovered as part of an ongoing investigation into election fraud in Barking being conducted by Mr Barnbrook.

“We informed the Labour Party that we would be going to court on this matter,” Mr Barnbrook said.

“Faced with the legal threat, the Labour councillor threw in the towel and resigned.”

The by-election will be held shortly and will be contested by the BNP.

“We have to be realistic about this election,” Mr Barnbrook said. “We know what happened here on 6th May and the reasons why it happened. Nonetheless, we will fight it to the best of our abilities on issues which really matter to the local people.”

* There are currently more than 50 cases of electoral fraud under investigation in Barking, mostly consisting of multiple voter registrations at identical residences.