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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hypocrisy Of the Violent UAF in Bolton at Court case!

Hypocrisy of the Violent UAF at Bolton Court Case!

The latest hypocrisy of the violent Marxist inspired Unite Against Fascism organisation knows no bounds. In the Bolton Evening news
it is reported that members of this Marxist Anti Democracy and freedom Para Military organisation, openly cheered one of their number who was appearing in court for crimes committed in Bolton at the UAF deliberate attempt to cause mayhem and disorder on our streets, on March the 20th this year. Were even the asst Chief Constable is on recorded at the way this group came to Bolton in order to cause mayhem and violence!

But even now these animals and that is what they violent unintelligent animals, who wish for nothing more than a reign of terror on the people of Britain who have a Conservative opinion on life, are ow boasting about their exploits and seeing themselves in their minuscule minds as some kind of freedom fighters as one of them put it, 
“It is not an offence to mobilise against the EDL, it is not an offence to be an anti-racist and it is not a Crime to exercise a legal right to a peaceful demonstration, which we did on March 20.
“We will not be criminalised for that and that is why we wanted to hold this vigil.” Thousands of UAF and EDL demonstrators held counter demonstrations in Victoria Square on March 20.

Well let me put you straight you are not being criminalised for being so called anti racist or exercising the legal right to a peaceful demonstration. You are being criminalised for the way your UAF group once again showed it,s  vociferous anti White racism and also the way your organisation deliberately showed up in Bolton in order to commit violent crimes against ordinary members of the British Public who were not guilty of any crime, except the one in the eyes of your Marxist UAF group , of loving your country and it,s people! 
So why do,nt you and your nasty little group just crawl back under the stone in Hell from were you came, and leave your Poison messages of Hate there!