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Sunday, 16 May 2010

EU Launches Grab at National Economic Sovereignty

EU Launches Grab at National Economic Sovereignty BNP News

The European Commission has announced its intention to seize outright control of all EU member states’ economies under the pretext of preventing another Greek-style crisis.
The announcement, made at the end of last week, will see EU countries being forced to submit national budgets to Brussels for what is called “peer review” — before these budgets are even submitted to the parliaments of the individual nations.
The financial control is not expected to be limited to just euro zone member nations, although it is possible it will start out that way.
According to the official EC statement, the proposal will “reinforce decisively the economic governance in the European Union.
“An early peer review of fiscal policies would help shape a fiscal stance for the EU and the euro area as a whole.
"Union countries should begin co-ordinating preparations for national budgets and economic reforms.
"Member states would benefit from early coordination at European level as they prepare their national budgets and national reform programmes," the EU statement concluded.
The announcement is likely to cause headaches for David Cameron in particular. Although the Tory leadership has always been pro-EU, there is a significant section of the party which is highly Euro sceptic.
Mr Cameron’s previous public utterances on the EU have always been made to cater for the Tory right. His string of lies meant to deceive them included his obviously bogus “cast iron” promise to call a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, amongst others.
The new EU proposals also fly in the face of Mr Cameron’s election promise to “roll back” the powers of the EU.
In November last year, Mr Cameron announced he would “negotiate the return of Britain's opt-out in some areas of EU social and employment law, claw back powers in the criminal justice area and win a complete opt-out from the EU's charter of fundamental rights.”
In addition, he said that he would “change the law so that any future transfer of power to Brussels would have to be put to a referendum in Britain.”
Once again, the reality has exposed Mr Cameron’s lies. The Tory leader knows full well that it is not possible to “claw back” any powers from the EU’s new constitution.
There are only two options open to Britain: subservience along with all other European nations to the EU super state, or withdrawal.
For Mr Cameron to suggest anything else is simply a lie, and the British people will shortly see this for themselves.