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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Announcing the formation of the BNP Campaigns Executive

Announcing the formation of the Campaigns Executive
Nick GriffinDear Fellow Patriot,
As any good boxer will know, you only really learn and gain experience from your defeats. Well, the BNP didn't do too badly in the recent elections: we had a good showing in the General Election and a poor showing in the Local Elections.
It is a good thing that we can examine our performances in a mature way, learn from it, and plan to correct our failings. That's what we are doing.
So what went wrong in the Local Elections? Well for a start, we were totally outclassed by the modern, efficient, high-tech electoral machine put in place by the old parties, especially Labour.
Labour hired the campaign experts Blue State Digital - the people that got Obama elected - to build a sophisticated national database system which allowed them to target their supporters with precision. Thus a supporter concerned about crime got a leaflet about crime, and so on.
Plus, while BNP activists were trawling the streets knocking doors on polling day trying to get BNP voters to the polls, the Labour machine simply used their election call centres to ring their supporters repeatedly, something which saves a vast amount of time and effort.
Our previous election methods were highly advanced - five years ago - but are now unfit for purpose. We need to up our game and copy what the winners are doing...and that is what we plan to do.
Clive Jefferson has been appointed National Elections Officer, and has announced ambitious plans for our own nationwide database of supporters and for an election call centre. Clive has been tasked with winning elections once again, and he intends to do just that.
Paul Golding has been appointed National Communications Officer, and has put in place some impressive PR systems, including a database which gives us instant access to over 1 million journalists and media outlets worldwide.
Also created is the new Campaigns Executive, which includes key officers involved in media, design, IT, treasury, fundraising and elections, all together for the first time with the purpose of coordinating our electoral machine. The Campaigns Executive will meet for the first time in 2 weeks to lay the groundwork, well in advance, for next year's elections.
Rather than the dis-jointed approach we had in previous times - something which has let us down quite frankly - the Campaigns Executive will constantly coordinate and marshal the entire Party for the purpose of winning elections.
And rather than our key officers being scattered nationwide, for the first time we will be utilising an existing office complex as an 'Operations Centre'. This means that, just like the mainstream parties, come election time every key officer on the Campaigns Executive will converge on a single location and work together as a team in the same office for the duration of the campaign, providing real and instant leadership throughout.
Also based in the new Operations Centre will be our new Training Department, led by the experienced ex-military trainer Mike Howson.
Exciting stuff, and yes, a lot of work! We will bounce back from our recently electoral whipping by the Labour machine and astonish our enemies by our ability to recover, learn, organise and advance, as us Brits always do...that's my promise.
So now we need 'all hands on the pump' to bring this bold and audacious plan to fruition. Everything is being overhauled, our media department, elections, IT, propaganda, and it is all being centralised and given purpose and direction. We have the officers, the plan, now we need your help....
Everyone is understandably worn out from the recent campaign, but the struggle must go on immediately. The enemies of our country never rest, and neither must we.
We urgently need your financial backing to establish the Operations Centre as soon as possible. We need to purchase desks, computers, new software packages, telephone systems, and a whole multitude of smaller items all the way down to standing clipboards, bins and maps.
It is an ambitious plan, but we cannot establish our new elections machine without your help, and this must be done immediately.
Thanks to you, we have already established highly efficient administration centres in Belfast and Nuneaton, and look at the huge benefits these operations have brought to the Party. Now we need to establish our political headquarters, bringing all the key officers together, in order to coordinate and centralise, to the highest standards, our elections winning machine.
It is only with your help that we can do this. If you can spare £100, £50, £20 or even £10 it will ALL help immensely. Once up and running, BNPtv will be dispatched to produce a video to show our supporters what has been achieved. All BNP members will also be able to visit the new Operations Centre and see our new machine in action.
This project is urgent. Unless we pick ourselves up from the recent electoral hard knocks then we will stumble where we are. That is not good enough, we must raise our game, so join me and the new Campaigns Executive team today and donate whatever is within your ability. My thanks in advance - watch out for an update very soon.

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Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party