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Monday, 17 May 2010

Tories Renounce Election Pledge to Repeal the Human Rights Act

Tories Renounce “Daft” Election Pledge to Repeal the Human Rights Act as Lib Dems Confirm Cameron’s Leftward Plunge|  BNP News

The Conservative Party has formally renounced its election pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act even though this Labour and EU-backed law has been identified as one of the major avenues for the world’s swindlers to parasite off Britain.
The latest 180-degree policy shift by the Conservatives was confirmed by new Scottish Secretary and Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander in an interview with a Sunday newspaper.
Mr Alexander said the Conservative Party leadership had used the coalition talks as an “excuse” to get rid of the policies which they had no intention of carrying out.
Mr Alexander, who headed up the Lib Dem coalition negotiation team, said that his Conservative counterparts, William Hague and George Osborne, had “produced a list of Mr Cameron’s manifesto pledges and invited the Lib Dems to strike them out.”
The newspaper also reported that Mr Cameron’s “policy guru Steve Hilton was reportedly delighted that the coalition had enabled Mr Cameron to bury the Tory Right-wing.”
Mr Alexander reported back to his Lib Dem colleagues that “The Tories are ditching policies faster than they can list them. They pointed to them and said, ‘That can go, that can go.’ We thought, ‘If they are offering up all this, is there anything they will not do?’”
The policies specifically identified as scrapped include core Tory election promises, including the pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act.
This law has been used by criminals, terrorists and spongers from all over the world to win the right to stay in Britain, no matter how illegal or dastardly their acts have been.
Using the HRA, these parasites have been able to claim that deportation from Britain would “deny them the right to a family life” in this country.
The law was introduced by the Labour Party regime in order to align British law with EU Human Rights legislation.
Other policies abandoned by the Conservative Party leadership included the undertaking to “grab back powers from Brussels” and not to increase capital gains tax. 
Senior Lib Dem Lord Greaves confirmed Mr Alexander’s version of events, adding that the Tory negotiation team had even described their own party’s policy as “daft.”
According to Lord Greaves, the Lib Dem negotiating team said: “the Conservatives told them, ‘There is something in your manifesto we would like to concede, can you add it to your list?’ and ‘There are some things in our manifesto that are daft which we would be delighted if you would veto’.”