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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cameron Appoints Harriet Harman Mark II as Equalities Minister

Cameron Appoints Harriet Harman Mark II as Equalities MinisterCameron Appoints Harriet Harman Mark II as Equalities Minister 

BNP News

David Cameron has continued his headlong flight back into his leftist roots with the appointment of Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone — who immediately accused the Government of being too white.
The shocking attack — which would be unthinkable in any Third World country (imagine a politician in Japan accusing his government of being “too Japanese”) — was ignored by Mr Cameron.
Ms Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat, replaces Labour’s Harriet Harman in the Orwellian-named “Equality Ministry” which is designed to suppress any signs of indigenous British opposition to the colonisation of or country by the Third World.
Ms Featherstone also criticised the relative scarcity of women in the new cabinet, and condemned as “male and pale” the two teams which negotiated the coalition agreement.
In a newspaper interview, the far leftist Ms Featherstone said after she had been offered the job by Mr Cameron, she had told him, “We must do better.”
She then went on to launch an attack on men generally, bizarrely claiming that a woman’s perspective “absolutely matters” because “men concentrate on “big macho projects like who's got the biggest airport or the longest train.”
Any male politician making similar remarks about women would instantly be dragged over the coals for sexism.
However, in the topsy-turvy Lib/Lab/Con world, it is perfectly acceptable to say whatever one likes about white males without fear of repercussion.
Ms Featherstone is a millionairess whose family own the Ryness chain of electrical stores.
This did not stop her from claiming £22,000 worth of stationery from the public purse in March 2007 in an attempt to beat new rules on stationery allowances for MPs.
Her attempt to swindle the public was foiled and she was forced hand all the stationery back, with parliamentary official Cliff Harris being quoted as saying that "it's quite alarming when you see that Lynne Featherstone spent over £22,000 in one month, the equivalent to three years of the new capped rate.”
Ms Featherstone also once told women to enter local politics because they could “use their town hall allowances to pay for cleaners and babysitters.”