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Saturday, 22 May 2010

When People Believe in War

When People Believe in War  Author: rugfish 

One issue of many which concerns the British people is that of war

The word 'war' can hardly be used in the same general context we may think of when reflecting on an enemy with equal or superior forces as was the case in two world wars, but nevertheless for the sake of dispute on this subject I will refer to a coalition of the United Nations beating up on cave dwelling goat herders as a war if it will avoid argument.

I mean saying as I might have a disagreement with the politicians who make war in our names, I guess I should maybe watch it too, since no doubt they have my exact coordinates by now and I don't think double glazed french doors will stand much chance of catching a missile or a troop of U.S. soldiers bent on knocking me off if I make them angry.

It would stand about the same chance as a cave and a piece of canvas over the doorway I guess.

But where is the media coverage?

If we are 'still' at (war), then surely this warrants front page news but all I see is a load of skirts on most of them.

In WWII for instance, war was extremely kept in the public eye, but, well.......We've been engaged in war as a nation now for I don't know how long, and it wasn't even debated during the last argument we had over who will take charge of the last remaining embers of a dying democracy.

I thought it would be a good chance of course to remember our own brave men and women who are in close combat with an enemy who actually does possess enough firepower to kill, but I also thought it would be a good time to give a reminder to Cameron, Clegg, and whoever might be leader of the Labour Party this week, along with the 646 politician scum some chose to elect, to ask them why TF, WAR is not in the media, and what TF they are doing about ending it.

Don't tell me we are under threat of our lives from goat herders in Afghanistan if you are not prepared to discuss HOW.

And in preemption of that debate (which I know won't happen), I will ask the leading question as to how Taliban forces on the border of Pakistan can get into Britain, unless of course our government is too thick to notice they have an agreement with Pakistan to let any Tom, Dick, and Ali, walk freely in here, again without debate on the subject just like those wars.


Since Conservative, Liberal Democrats, and Labour parties all believe in war. This video shows what their supporters believe in when they support them at the ballot box. People think it's okay to place the non-argument of 'racism' against imaginary victims, higher up the list of their considerations I guess, than the fact THEY and THEIR politicians are KILLING innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, where in my ordinary knuckle-dragging BNP way of thinking happens to make me think is a whole lot worse than 'racism', even IF that was actually occurring. (Still no evidence yet on this one I see incidentally)

Or has DEATH and DESTRUCTION become unspeakable now under the new regime of death and destruction, which some people elected to continue in government?

There are a lot of people who voted for these parties who have the blood of innocent people on their hands whilst calling the British National Party racists and Fascists.

Those people cannot erase the blood from their hands, nor can they erase their culpability and guilt for causing the deaths of millions of people.

However, none of this happened in my name, yet those who say they love the fine attributes of freedom and democracy make it only an evil upon my earth.

I know the difference between right and wrong, and I know my country is in the wrong.

What we need, is a media brave enough to say it, and a people brave enough to say they've had enough of their lies!

Truth will only ever be revealed with the BNP.