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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Did You Vote For This?

Did You Vote For This?

Is this what you voted for?
Whilst we all come to terms with recent events, and whilst we are in the midst of the war on White Western society, and in particular, our own nation, it seems absolutely right that this Author plucks from a vast library of pictures, one that tells it's own story. A picture certainly paints a thousand words, and this one is a picture of our future writ LARGE. This poor fellow was once an engineer, known in the area as a laugh a minute type of chap. He had a family, a well paid, very demanding job, and owned his own home. His position in the Lib/Lab/Con's new BIG SOCIETY is... well, prostate, damaged, and considered unimportant to our treacherous leaders. He lies in a stupor, completely drunk, and with no prospects other than more of the same, until his liver, heart, and mental state can no longer take the strain. He is in fact, just one of over Seventeen Thousand Britons (known figures) who have simply given up hope. Sadly also, he is a burden now on our debt ridden, wrecked society. Where as once he was the typical shining light that made this country what it once was, he is now so demoralised, his only pleasure and escape, is seeing each can emptied.... all with the help of The Establishment.

Claimants suffering from 'psychosis', which is a form of mental illness often caused by both smoking cannabis, and poisoning the mind and body with super-strong ciders and beers, has increased from Sixty Three Thousand in Nineteen Ninety Seven (Labour) to One Hundred and Forty Eight Thousand up until last year (2009). All researchers require is a trawl through The Freedom of Information Act to see that the number of drug and alcohol addicts claiming the £60-a-week payment, has risen five-fold, from Three Thousand in Nineteen Ninety Seven, to Seventeen Thousand up until last year. This Author did not vote for this socio-cultural disaster, and most ordinary people did not either. The debt, misery, and post manufacturing economic/democratic society imposed upon us in a decade and a half, has now caused a large number of former decent, hard working people, to help us drown ourselves further into the murky black hole.

So much so that, (DLA), or Disability Living Allowance has soared from £5.7billion, to £8.8billion every single year. Every year for the next Twenty Years, a large, fully staffed Super Hospital could be built with that sum, now oozing out from our economy in what can only be described as a Deliberate and Socio-Culturally Engineered plan, to destabilise and dumb down our current, and future generations as we enter Dave and Nick's BRAVE NEW WORLD. And what a world we have reaching out before us. Economic depression, bankers now so brazen, they have literally taken over parliament, and an elite set of mainly foreign, or foreign origin Communists disguised as British Politicians to take us on a merry trip to hell. And a one way trip at that.

By December 2009, government debt (according to them) was £950.4 billion, equivalent to 68.1 per cent of GDP. This figure will never be brought down, as any sane and intelligent reader will immediately see the disparate links between the poor fellow in the picture, and the European Regulations that have caused his, and many other British peoples demise.

  How have they done this, and why? The Maastricht Treaty's Excessive Deficit Procedure sets deficit and debt targets of 3 per cent and 60 per cent respectively for all EU countries. The UK's compliance is assessed on a financial year basis. Debt measure used under the Maastricht Treaty does not take account of assets held by general government. Nor does it take into account, our stolen Gold Reserves, sold at the lowest level by Comrade Brown. We manufacture almost nothing compared to the pre-war, and immediate post-war era. As we have not legally under English and British law, entered any agreements as free people and tax payers, to become a full member of the European Union, then the following information, will say it all.

Britain's £9.1bn overseas aid budget would be cut by the Conservatives... but only to the more prosperous developing nations, like China, and only to boost aid to the poorest in the Commonwealth. Our ''Common Wealth'' has been stolen, as has the chap lying in the gateway to his local recreation ground. Did you vote to see him, and others thrown out of work, in complete despair, no home, no prospects, and probable early death through giving up all hope? This Author did not, and you the reader presumably did not either... so who the bloody hell did then? Did you, the reader, activist, patriot and future slave of an internationalist bankers dictatorship realise that, 102 countries are now the beneficiary of that trifling £9.1 Billion? 

Are you one of those occasional readers, MP's and UAF supporters, who pop in to see us ''rant about immigration'', ''the EU'', and smirk about our supposed ''Race Hate'' agenda? If so, this Author would be glad to introduce you to the fella lying slumped, bruised and hopeless in the accompanying picture, and you can tell him how you feel. If you supported the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, New Labour, or decided that you were against the British National Party and voted for the many stooges and independents, then one question is left to you... all answers please, on a ''Post Democracy card'' to the question... DID YOU VOTE FOR THIS? 
Money measures vie for votes this fall.(Government)(With so many to consider, voters usually are inclined to say no, but at least one pollster is optimistic): ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)