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Sunday, 23 May 2010

This Weeks news Round Up from UK Tabloid

On his first foreign trip, the Prime Minister meets the German Chancellor for talks that diplomats have suggested will be “chilly or even frosty”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was jeered yesterday as she warned of ‘incalculable’ consequences for the European Union if the euro were allowed to collapse.

We speak and behave as if we are the only people in Europe who has problems with the Human Rights Act. We also speak and act as if we are the only country in Europe that has problems with the E.U. In fact, all individual European countries have E.U. etc. related problems.

Immigration into the UK is a great thing – for the rest of the world, a report said yesterday. The study showed how foreigners coming here to work is spreading wealth and education across the globe.
Local councils should be free to introduce bin taxes and pay-as-you-throw rubbish schemes, the Environment Minister said yesterday. Caroline Spelman said it was up to town halls to impose whatever bin collection regimes 'works locally'.

They were once the preserve of high-flying business executives for whom time was money.  But now binmen are being given BlackBerry mobile phones to spy on householders putting out their rubbish.

The prison population in England and Wales reached a record high on Friday, the Government has said.

Strolling along a bustling Peshawar street, terror suspect Tariqur Rehman hardly looks like a man who is living under the threat of torture and persecution.

Labour leadership candidate Diane Abbott is at the centre of a race row after describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as 'two posh white boys'.

Cameron risked alienating members of his own party yesterday as he revealed a “radical reforming” programme for his new “partnership Government” with Nick Clegg.

Tory backbenchers hit out at David Cameron today after the Prime Minister mounted an audacious attempt to crush a backbench rebellion - just hours before he unveiled the full details of his historic pact with the Liberal Democrats.
Angela Merkel's ban on short-selling is just a distraction from the horror to come For Angela Merkel, leader of the eurozone's richest country, a queue is forming of high-quality adversaries.

As I have argued for the last four-and-half years, Dave is not actually a Conservative. How sad do we think Dave is at being made to ditch the remotely Conservative parts of his election manifesto in order to stay in his loveless marriage with the Liberal Democrats?

The Tories and Liberal Democrats have papered over their disagreements by creating six commissions and 28 reviews to consider contentious areas of policy.

A woman who applied for a training position at a bus company was told she could not be accepted because she is white.

A black woman who hurled a torrent of racial abuse at a white neighbour has escaped a jail sentence.

Call it the Gillian Duffy effect. But since the election a succession of senior Labour  figures have been admitting that they made a mess of immigration — not least the last immigration minister, Phil Woolas, former Home Secretary Jack Straw, and now leadership contender Andy Burnham.

Just days after becoming Deputy Prime Minister it should come as no surprise that Nick Clegg is already defending the human rights of terrorists over the safety of the British public.

A Think tank with close links to the Labour Party faced criticism last night for backing more mass immigration to the UK to boost the Third World.

Now I've heard everything. Over here at the BBC you can read how Labour has reached the bottom of the barrel.

Labour planned to use home information packs to push up council tax bills, the Tories revealed yesterday.

A Record number of bogus claims means fraudsters are cheating taxpayers out of millions of pounds every year, a report reveals today.

When a platoon of conquering German SS soldiers entered a remote village in Russia in 1941, their leader, Alois Knäbel, was told by an informer that the local cobbler was Jewish.

Two men have been jailed after being found guilty of the rape, assault and false imprisonment of a Slough man.

A Violent thug who arranged for acid to be thrown in the face of his model girlfriend after their whirlwind relationship broke down is appealing against his conviction for raping her.

If you were planning to build a new £68 million giant mosque and 13-storey “Muslim community centre”, which site – anywhere in the world – would you think it most thoughtless to choose? The charred ruins of a Bali nightclub? A railway station in Madrid? Or perhaps the site of the most infamous Islamist terrorist attack of all – Ground Zero in New York?

When Trevor Franklin lost his sight at 60, he felt abandoned on account of his age.  In 2001 Trevor started suffering from blurred vision. Eye specialists were concerned about blood flow through the carotid artery in the back of his neck.

The shocking case of Pakistani national Bushra Ferozdin Butt, wanted in her home country on murder charges but living in Britain on £1,300 per month benefits, is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the LabConDem immigration system.

Artificial life has been created in a laboratory for the first time by a maverick scientist. Dr Craig Venter, a multi-millionaire pioneer in genetics, and his team have managed to make a completely new "synthetic" life form from a mix of chemicals.

Nick Clegg risked angering his Conservative coalition allies today with a warning that any government 'tampers' with the Human Rights Act 'at its peril'. The Lib Dem leader's declarations will heighten tension between the two parties over the legislation, which the Tories pledged to scrap in their election manifesto.

Tory activists, already astonished by the speed with which their party’s leader has abandoned core Conservative election promises, have had their worst fears confirmed with the news that David Cameron has offered Labour MP Frank Field a job in the new Government as well.

The father of a vandal branded 'absolute scum' by a magistrate has backed the JP, saying he should get his job back. JP Austin Molloy made the comments when sentencing two 16-year-old boys for writing racist and sexually-abusive graffiti in prayer books, and bending a priceless John The Baptist cross out of shape at Blackburn Cathedral, causing £3,000 damage.

Chancellor George Osborne last night branded plans for a 6 per cent increase in the EU's budget as 'unacceptable' - as MEPs voted themselves an extra £1,300 a month in expenses.

A Labour MP who was only returned to the Commons in the general election earlier this month is to face a criminal prosecution over his Parliamentary expenses.

Two men who plotted to kill thousands of Britons in a terrorist atrocity cannot be deported because it would infringe their human rights, a court ruled yesterday.

Whatever happened to Motorway Man, the key election demographic unveiled by polling companies and never heard of again?

A man who admitted making dangerous explosives in his kitchen has been detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act, at Cardiff Crown Court.

Mandelson and other Labour ministers spent hundreds of millions of  pounds on pet projects in the final months before the election against the explicit advice of civil servants, it has emerged.
The UK Treasury will announce their plan to cut £6bn next Monday as part of gaining £12bn in savings, half of which will be reinvested in health, defense and overseas aid.

Territory victims in large-scale accidents or catastrophes will soon be barcoded at the scene before being sent to hospital.

Scientists tag animals to monitor their behavior and keep track of endangered species. Now some futurists are asking whether all of mankind should be tagged too. Looking for a loved one? Just Google his microchip.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, called for the abolishment of the United Nations climate committee and the indictment of the U.N.'s chief climate scientist for financial fraud.

By Professor Dr. William J.R. Alexander, Emeritus of the Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and a former member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters.

Dying patients are being refused pain-relief because nurses fear they will be prosecuted for assisted suicide, a poll has found. More than one in 10 nurses say they have held back treatment such as morphine on terminally-ill cancer sufferers in case they are implicated with hastening their death.

As a clean-up job, it involved a little light weeding and the addition of some new chalk. But a project to restore a modern hill carving of a giant hawk has been deemed 'too dangerous' to be carried out by criminals carrying out community service.

A Pakistani woman facing a murder charge in her home country after allegedly setting her husband alight is living in Britain and receiving more than £1,300 a month in benefits.

A Devon council is planning to build affordable housing on greenfield land because a lack of brownfield sites are available, it has said. East Devon Council said it was making a plea to landowners with sites suitable to build up to 15 houses, with 10 of them being affordable.

Housing charity Shelter has called on the new Government to make tackling the UK's housing crisis an urgent priority.

A judge was criticised today by Britain's top law lord for speaking out about immigration. Sentencing a Jamaican drug dealer to two years in prison, Judge Ian Trigger (pictured) said there were hundreds of thousands of people like him exploiting the UK's "generous welfare benefits".

A magistrate who has been demoted after describing two teenage vandals as ‘absolute scum’ today insisted he had used ‘appropriate language’.

An 'evil' barrister who lost a £33million race discrimination claim ruthlessly tried to destroy her ex-boyfriend's life, a court has heard. Dr Aisha Bijlani, 43, bombarded her former lover with abusive emails, calling his dead mother a 'whore' and branding his new girlfriend a 'German prostitute'.

This is the face of the woman who appeared in court yesterday charged with attempting to murder former Treasury minister Stephen Timms.

Britain's largest container port has been at the heart of a national operation to detect and destroy crime gangs behind high-value stolen car rings, police have revealed.

A serial 'womb raider' will spend life in prison for killing a pregnant teenager she lured to her apartment, drugging her and cutting the child from the womb before trying to pass off the baby as her own.

Four people were arrested after armed police were called to an Ipswich high school at lunchtime today following reports of a gang of men and guns being fired outside.

A Former Labour minister who has been offered a post advising David Cameron yesterday warned that mass immigration was fuelling poverty.

Parents of children under five are to get home checks to ensure they are keeping their youngsters safe.

Outraged protesters are planning a massive rally to try to block plans to build a giant mosque near New York's Ground Zero.

Two Pakistani men branded a threat to national security by a judge, today won the right to stay in the country. Al-Qaeda operative Abid Naseer, 24, and Ahmad Faraz Khan, 26, should not be deported back to their homeland because of the risk to their safety, the same immigration judge ruled.

A Russian court has rejected a libel case brought by Stalin's grandson against a radio station over its claim the Soviet dictator sanctioned the execution of children as young as 12 during the 1930s purges.

A 95-year-old widow has been threatened with legal action - for putting an empty butter tub in the wrong recycling bag. The grandmother was warned she faces prosecution after putting the plastic container in a green bag instead of a black one.

Below you will find an interesting article published in Pravda written by a columnist disillusioned with the EU. It’s worth a reading because it proves anti-EU ideas are spreading fast to countries that used to support the European Union.

David Cameron has declared that he wants his vision of a "big society" of community work and social enterprise to be one of the "great legacies" of his Government.

A Gang of Romanian burglars targeted the homes of families away on holiday and “gratuitously ransacked” them, staying for days on end.

A Fresh wave of immigrants from poverty-hit Bulgaria is about to hit British shores. The former Communist state’s economy has plummeted in the credit crunch.

This weekend the Fabian Society hosted a post-election conference, with one of the debates entitled ‘Why did Labour lose? Lessons from the election”.

Tory MPs are plotting to force a referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty within months, setting up the first test of the coalition Government's uneasy truce on Europe.

Incidents of electoral fraud have already begun to emerge even before copies of the marked electoral register have been released, police forces across the country have already launched formal investigations into more than 80 serious incidents.

After all the smiles of last week’s coalition launch, now comes the harsh reality. The most urgent task facing the Tory-Liberal Democrat government is to rebuild Britain’s shattered public finances after 13 years of Labour’s epic irresponsibility.

The Government has pulled the plug on UK-based "awareness projects" funded with cash intended for overseas aid.

Is any human instinct more fundamental than the love of a mother for her children? Last week I reported how Maureen Spalek from Liverpool had been arrested and held in a cell for 24 hours for sending a birthday card to her son, one of three children taken away from her by a family court, despite its agreeing that she was "an excellent mother".

The Met faces a "major challenge" to drive up rape convictions in the capital, according to its most senior cop.

Labour's gross mismanagement of the economy was laid bare today after it was revealed a former minister left his successor a note that said 'there was no money left'.

For four years, Officer A lived a secret life among anti-racist activists as they fought brutal battles with the police and right-wing groups. Here he tells of the terrifying life he led and the psychological burden it placed on him. Tony Thompson reports.

Public safety is at risk because the number of civilian police staff has nearly doubled over the last decade, it was claimed last night.

Parents at Birkenshaw near Bradford are bidding to run the first state financed 'free school'. David Cameron has backed their campaign to take a slice of local authority cash to open a new local secondary school.

Thousands of children have no idea where they live because they no longer walk to school. Being ferried around in the car by their parents has destroyed their local awareness and knowledge, a survey has found.

Residents are being asked to report neighbours for 'environmental crimes' such as putting their bins out too early or late. A council is urging householders to snoop on fellow residents and fill in 'diary sheets' to log incidents - the same way it tackles violent anti-social behaviour.

Two Moroccan students deported from Italy last month were suspected of plotting to assassinate Pope Benedict, an Interior Ministry source says.

Former Treasury minister Stephen Timms was stabbed in the stomach after warmly greeting his attacker with the words 'Hello, I'm sorry for the wait.'

The civil rights organisation Civil Liberty has called on all patriots to support a public demonstration in support of freedom of expression and persecuted former teacher Adam Walker in Birmingham city centre on 24, 25 and 26 May.

The head of the UN's climate change panel has defended the use of unproven science to justify climate change by saying the "grey literature" cannot be ignored.
David Cameron used the coalition talks with Nick Clegg as an excuse to ditch ‘daft’ Tory policies he secretly wanted to get rid of all along - such as  scrapping inheritance tax and getting rid of his pledge to rip up the Human Rights Act, it was claimed last night.

The Conservative Party has formally renounced its election pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act even though this Labour and EU-backed law has been identified as one of the major avenues for the world’s swindlers to parasite off Britain.

Brussels meddlers wanting a European superstate have demanded to re­­view Britain’s national budget before it has even been approved by Parliament.

A Recount in High Street ward could be held after 'human error' led to 1,000 extra votes being counted for Labour.

A Former vice-chairman of the Tory party warned last night the Liberal Democrats had set a “very sophisticated honey trap” that could allow Labour to creep back into power.

British taxpayers have been forced to hand over £18 million in subsidies to the Unite trade union whose leader spent the beginning of May in Cuba celebrating the 51st anniversary of the Fidel Castro communist revolution.

"Mr President do your job" Palin says, as she addresses Arizonans in support of Gov. Jan Brewer, and I guess we could say the same thing to politicians here and right across Europe as we see absolutely no control at all on immigration anywhere except those countries from where we absorb them.

Is the Obama Administration preparing the ground for a Ministry of Truthiness?

Following continued protests in Greece, where last week protesters chanted “We are not Irish, we do not sacrifice ourselves for the rich,” as they marched on the Athens parliament buildings, the Irish finally seem to have had enough and last night took to the streets.

Days after the establishment of a new British government, Foreign Secretary William Hague vows to work with the US against Iran, going so far as to consider military action against Tehran.

The stress is etched on David Cameron's face as he begins to realise that he has not done enough to win power outright. Fascinating behind-the-scenes pictures captured the Tory leader during election night and in the tumultuous days that followed before he made it to No10.

One in six primary school children does not speak English as a first language - twice as many as a decade ago.

Surgeons at a leading hospital have transplanted the liver of an NHS patient into a fee-paying foreigner despite new rules banning the practice.

Plans to recruit more Muslim volunteers to the scouting movement have come under attack from secular campaigners.

The Irish Mail on Sunday has revealed how Brian Cowen changed the law  to help his friend Frank Fahey get an extra E25,000 a year on his ministerial pension.

The residents of Ropley village place a great deal of value on the green and pleasant lands surrounding their homes.
We read a lot of magazines in our house. Occasionally, an issue arrives in which nearly every article is engaging and (in the case of cooking magazines) every recipe sounds amazing. In short, the issue is a keeper.

A Popular Labour MP was stabbed twice in the stomach yesterday by a young woman wearing a burkha during one of his regular public advice surgeries.

Shares plummeted by more than £40billion yesterday and the euro slumped to an 18-month low amid fears that the currency was in danger of collapse.

A Council is employing 15 times more interpreters than 10 years ago in a damning indictment of the £120million boom industry which grew under Labour.

A magistrate who branded two boys 'absolute scum' after they desecrated a cathedral faces disciplinary action. The 16-year-old boys wrote racist and sexually-abusive graffiti in prayer books, and bent a priceless John The Baptist cross out of shape at Blackburn Cathedral, causing £3,000 damage.

Just when you thought the EU could not go any further down the road towards authoritarian excess, it gets worse.

Fears that the euro is heading for collapse have prompted panic buying of gold coins and bars. Austria's mint, which makes a bestselling gold coin, has warned it may run out of stock as investors seek a safe haven from Europe's threatened currency.

David Cameron began his first climbdown after Tory MPs broke ranks to attack his plans for fixed-term parliaments as a 'recipe for anarchy'.
Record numbers of people are attending A&E departments, official figures have shown, as GP out of hours and immigration have driven huge increases in visits over the last seven years.

A failed asylum seeker who fraudulently claimed more than £100,000 in benefits while working in a supermarket has had her money seized and returned to the council.

A Christian street preacher arrested and hauled before the courts for saying homosexuality was sinful has had the charge against him dropped.

If you spend any time looking into Islamic radicalism, you do sometimes wonder if you can be shocked any more. For me this video at least reminded me that I can be.

Yasmin Alibaba-Brown has been caught with her knickers down, or whatever these odd people wear.But that is not the real point of this article. She then said. "English people should beware in the world that is coming, where the East is taking over”

Sayeeda Warsi has been announced as the Conservative Party's chairman, becoming part of the cabinet. She is the first Muslim woman to hold such a powerful position.

British Asian women are going abroad to abort their baby girls because of pressure on them to have boys, a journalist has warned.

British officials searching for illegal immigrants in trucks have been told to stop using an expensive new X-ray scanner because of radiation fears.

The boss of the trade union behind the British Airways strike was 'unavailable' for talks because he was in Cuba celebrating the revolution, it was claimed yesterday